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Vol.  9  No. 11 November 2007  Page 4
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Historicity Proves the Bible to Be God-Revealed

D. Gene West

By D. Gene West

The Bible is not a textbook on world history per se, rather, it is a history of the dealings of God with mankind in order to bring about our redemption through the death of Christ on the cross. However, when the Bible speaks of events that transpired in the course of the history of the world, it always speaks of those events accurately and in harmony with the best historical and archaeological research. This is one of the greatest evidences for God’s having revealed the Bible, for had that not been the case, one can only wonder how Moses would have learned of the cities and monarchs visited by Abraham, and hundreds of other details that are stated in the Bible that the writers had no way of knowing on their own.

It cannot be claimed that these were oral traditions handed down, for, oral traditions handed down do not have the unity found in the Bible. The Bible was written by thirty-nine or forty authors over a period of approximately sixteen hundred years. Yet, the unity and historical accuracy of the Sacred Volume transcends its being a mere human production. To demonstrate that oral traditions change from one society to another and one century to another, just look at the different accounts that have been found of the great flood of Noah. Different traditions say different things, and in different societies different things are emphasized, even to the changing of names and numbers. But not so with the Bible, yet these traditions all have common touchstones with the Bible, so that it is easy to see that the historical events of the Bible did occur.

Furthermore, the Bible speaks historically of great nations of people that once existed, of which the world in general knew nothing until modern times. For example, the Bible refers some twenty-two times to a nation of people called the Hittites. For generations, because man had no historical records outside the Bible of these people, they declared the Hittites to be a biblical myth, a nation of people that never existed. However, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, archaeologists examining that part of the world where the Bible says these people lived, found not only that they existed, but had a highly advanced society for their time. If one visits the British Museum today, he can see evidence of the existence of the Hittites. This example could be multiplied showing that again and again, men have accused the Bible of being an inaccurate book of myths, only to later learn, much to their chagrin, that they were wrong and the Bible was right! Shame on us for doubting the Sacred Volume and the God who revealed it to us.

If it is asked why so many people contest the sanctity of the Bible, we can answer only because they do not wish to obey its sacred principles, and they think if they can prove it false in any particular, they are not in any way responsible to the God of the Bible. Such reasoning, however, proves to be foolish, for the historical accuracy of the Bible has been demonstrated so many times, one wonders about the sanity of those who continue to challenge it.

Someone may ask, “If the Bible is so historical, why do we not read of China, India, America and other great nations of the world?” This query has already been answered. It is not a general history of the world, but deals only with those nations and peoples who played their God-appointed roles in the bringing about the conditions that allowed the Messiah to be born in the world for our salvation. One should notice that the Bible does not deny the existence of such nations as those mentioned above. It passes over those civilizations because they played no part in our redemption.

  If the Bible is historically inaccurate, we challenge the person who knows that to be true to publish, at my expense, the uncontested evidence. It does not exist, and cannot exist, because though the historicity of the Bible has been challenged again and again, no challenge has been successful!

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