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Vol.  9  No. 11 November 2007  Page 11
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Dean KellyClouds

ByDean Kelly

    I often write about the view from the deck in the back of our house. I love to see it on a clear night when all of the stars can be clearly seen, and constellations identified. That just can’t be done in the city. I also love to see it as the dusk falls over the eastern sky, and the sun sets on the other side of the house. But, probably my favorite time to gaze into the eastern sky is during the dawning of the day. On a clear night, I can see that star I am always talking about. This morning, however, a particular thought struck me.

    I opened the door and stepped out on the deck. The view over those South Alabama rolling hills to the east of our home was absolutely breathtaking. I have often written and spoken publicly about the awe-inspiring beauty that is as if God has taken His finger and painted the brightest of colors on the eastern sky. The deep purples and the radiant reds are splashed magnificently against the blues of the sky that grow from the darkest of blues to the bright blue of the daytime sky. I will never get tired of seeing this marvelous example of the heavens declaring the glory of God, and the firmament showing his handiwork.

    But, as I enjoyed the ethereal pleasure of the moment this morning, a thought struck me. While the beauty of the sky on a clear morning is still marvelous, the grandeur of the scene is made so much more powerful with the presence of some clouds. God takes the clouds and uses them as a prism by which to draw out the marvelous colors with all of their unbelievable shades. Without the clouds, the sky would not be nearly as beautiful. The clouds allow the sun to truly show its glory.

    I could not help but think that I wonder if that same thing is not true in our lives. We desire the clear skies of life, and we dread the “clouds” of problems and difficulties that may come our way. I cannot help but wonder, however, if the clouds of our lives are not there so that the Son can truly show His glory. The clouds of life allow us to in fact come into the presence of God, and recognize that we need Him. The clouds of life will cause the glory and wonder of the Father and the Son to reflect and shine brightly in our lives. If God can use the clouds of the sky to display His glory, it is certain He can use the difficulties in our lives to display His love, glory and power.

    When you get the opportunity to rise early and view the sky of the dawn hour, if there happens to be some clouds on the horizon, thank God for the clouds. When you face the difficulties of life, the little “clouds” that will often occupy the sky of life, thank God that He is allowing us to see His beauty and love through the clouds.

    The clouds allow the sun to truly show its glory; the clouds of life allow the Son to truly show His glory in our lives. Just a thought about the clouds.

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