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Vol.  9  No. 11 November 2007  Page 18
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Ernest Underwood

A Moment of Reflection

The House of the Lord

By Ernest S. Underwood

    In Psalm 122:1 David said, “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go into the house of the Lord.’” The house of the Lord in David’s day was the Tabernacle. It would be Solomon’s responsibility to build the Temple where God would put His presence. It is interesting to me that there was only one Tabernacle, and later on, one Temple. I know of no one who would claim that there were many tabernacles or many temples where one could go to the one of his choice.

    In Isaiah chapter 2, the prophet speaks of a time when the Lord’s house would be established. In 1 Timothy 3:15, we learn that the house of God is “the church of the living God.” Isaiah did not speak of the “houses” of the Lord. Neither did Paul say that the “houses” of God are the “churches” of the living God. Jesus stated in Matthew 16:18, “…I will build my church…,” not “churches.”

    Did any Israelite ever talk about “going to the temple of your choice?” Why then, since Jesus, Paul and others spoke of the one body, one church and one house, do we hear some today talk about “going to the church of your choice?” It is God who gives the choice, and He only gave one church, thus one choice. The attitude of “many churches” is of man, not of God.

What Do You Think of "Them"?

By Ernest S. Underwood

    Acts 2 is a marvelous chapter in the Bible. Here is recorded the first Gospel sermon after the resurrection of Christ. Peter, one of the spokesmen, preached the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. So convincing were his Holy Spirit inspired words that the multitudes were compelled to cry out, “What shall we do?” Peter told them in plain, simple and understandable language what they must do. About three thousand believed and obeyed the commands that Peter gave. But, what about the rest of those in that great audience? What do you think of them? They heard the same message, but did not respond in a positive way. Why? Don’t you wish you knew what they were thinking? I do! However, the only thing that we are told, and that by implication, is that they did not gladly receive the Holy Spirit inspired words of Peter. Did they have other interests, another agenda? Whatever it was, they did not obey the commands stated by Peter, and thus, were not saved. Neither were they added to the Lord’s church.

    That same message is there for all today. Have you gladly received and obeyed it, or are you like those others on that day, still in your sins? Do you really want to be like “them?”

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