Gospel Gazette Online


Louis Rushmore serves as the Editor of Gospel Gazette Online and has since its inception. GGO began online publication in January 1999 and has continued uninterrupted since then. In years prior to the online production of GGO, the magazine had been available in printed formats, but the printed version of Gospel Gazette was discontinued when Gospel Gazette Online began. Whereas the printed GG reached a more limited readership, GGO is available worldwide. Mr. Rushmore is also the Editor of a quarterly print magazine, The Voice of Truth International. Louis Rushmore may be contacted at 8295 SW 56th Terrace, Ocala, FL 34476 or by Email: rushmore@gospelgazette.com or via phone in the USA only at 662.739.3035 (mobile).

Associate Editor

Rodney Nulph serves as the Associate Editor of Gospel Gazette Online. He is an outstanding Gospel preacher and family man. GGO is fortunate to have one with his talents and dedication enabling us to publish a good, true-to-the-Bible monthly Internet publication.


The staff of Gospel Gazette Online includes our proofreader, Rebecca Rushmore. Otherwise, she is a schoolteacher and school counselor. We are always open to relatively short, teaching articles written by members (men and women) of the churches of Christ.

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