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Vol. 11 No. 10 October 2009

Page 14

Wisdom's Corner

He Restoreth My Soul (Psalm 23:3)

Mark McWhorter

Mark McWhorter

The Twenty-Third Psalm is written from a sheep’s viewpoint. David pictures himself as a sheep, and pictures God as the Shepherd. David says that the Lord restores his soul.

The Hebrew word for ‘restoreth’ is Meshibah. This word is used several times in the Old Testament. In Psalm 80:19, it refers to restoration from disorder and decay. Indeed, the shepherd gives direction to a confused sheep. He also gives medicine to make a sick sheep well. Jesus, as our Good Shepherd, gives us direction in His Word, the Bible. If we will follow His teaching, we will find happiness and salvation.

In Ruth 4:15, Meshibah is used in reference to restoration from sorrow and affliction. The shepherd will take a frightened sheep into his bosom and comfort it. If a lion or other wild animal was after the sheep and perhaps wounded it, the shepherd would take care of the wounds. The shepherd would run the wild animal away. Jesus does this with us spiritually. He allows us to run to Him for comfort and care. If we stay within His teaching, we are kept safe from the roaring lion, Satan.

In 1 Kings 17:21-22, Meshibah was used for restoration from death. The human shepherd cannot bring a dead sheep back to life. However, when the Good Shepherd comes back for the Final Judgment, all those sheep that have followed Him will be raised from the dead to meet Him in the sky for life in heaven.

I am so happy that we have a Good Shepherd. I am so thankful that He is willing to restore my soul. Study your Bible. Learn how to follow the Good Shepherd. Then obey Him and He will restore your soul. If any of this is hard to understand, ask an adult to help you.

A Moment of Reflection

Walking with Wise Men

Ernest Underwood

Solomon said, “He who walks with wise men will be wise, But the companion of fools will be destroyed” (Proverbs 13:20). The question arises, who are the wise and who are the foolish? Jesus had much to say on the subject. In Matthew 7:24-28 He said that the wise are those who hear His words and do them; He also said that the foolish are those who also hear His words, but do not do them.

In Luke 12:20-21 He says that the fool is one who lays up treasures for himself, but is not rich toward God. The Psalmist, as well as the apostle Paul, stated that one is a fool who says there is no God. A fool will not listen to God’s Word, but a wise man not only listens, he applies what he learns to his life.

The apostle Paul also said, “Evil companionship corrupts good morals.” With whom are you walking; who are your closest companions, the wise or the foolish?

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