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 Vol. 6, No. 11 

November 2004

Youth Page

~ Page 6 ~

A House Without Walls

By Mark McWhorter

Image Julius Drusus was the son of one of the Caesars during the first century. The house of Julius Drusus was open on many sides to be overlooked by the neighbors. A carpenter offered to remedy this inconvenience, if five talents were given him, and to contrive that no part of it should be exposed to the gaze of others. Whereupon Drusus replied, "I will give you ten talents, if you will make my house such, that not only my neighbors, but all the citizens may be able to see my manner of living in it" (Short Tales and Anecdotes From Ancient History by William Smith, 1866, p.24).

Julius Drusus was a person who did not care if others were able to see how he acted in his own home. Many people will act one way when in public but will act another way when in private at home. Some people think that they are getting away with things in private. They think that since no one else can see what they are doing that it is a secret.

But God sees everything. "The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good" (Proverbs 15:3). The walls of our houses do not keep God from seeing what we do in our houses. Nothing is secret from God.

We should live our lives as if our houses did not have walls. If we lived like that then we would never worry about doing something evil in private. No matter what we are doing God sees us. Our houses have no walls in the eyes of God.

God wants you to live right. He does not want you to do evil things. He has given us his Word, the Bible, so that we can learn what to do to obey him. Read your Bible. Obey God. And always remember that your house has no walls in the eyes of God.Image

The Four Giants

By Mark McWhorter

You probably have heard of Goliath. Almost everyone has studied the account of Goliath challenging the army of Israel (1 Samuel 17). The Israelites were scared of him and no one would go out and fight him. Then David came upon the scene and killed Goliath. He killed him with a slingshot and small stone.

There are other giants who are killed by Israelites. Four are mentioned in 2 Samuel 21. The Philistines come up against the Israelites to war against them. In verse 16, we learn about Ishbibenob. His spear weighed three hundred shekels of brass. That is very heavy. He intended to kill David. But Abishai killed Ishbibenob instead.

In verse eighteen, we read about Saph. He also is a giant and he is killed in battle by Sibbechai. In verse nineteen, we read about another Goliath. His spear staff was like a weaver's beam. Needless to say that was big and heavy. He was killed in battle by Elhanan.

Then we read about another giant in verses twenty and twenty-one. He is not named but we are told something very interesting about him. This giant had six fingers on each hand. He also had six toes on each foot. He evidently was very large. So large that he also must have challenged Israel like Goliath did when David was younger. But Jonathan killed this man.

In verse twenty-two, we are told that all four of these giant men were sons of the same man. It makes me wonder why the father did not try to stop some of his sons from fighting Israel. After the first two were killed, one would think that the father would start to understand that God was with the Israelites. One would think that he would not want his other sons to be killed. But some people just do not want to learn. Some people just refuse to acknowledge God as the One True God.

Don't be like this man and his sons. Don't try to fight against God. Don't try to defy him or challenge him. Instead, study the Bible. Learn all you can about his Word. Then obey him. And if any of this is hard to understand, ask an adult to help you.Image

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