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 Vol. 6, No. 11 

November 2004

~ Page 14 ~

Sound Familiar?

By Roger A. Rush

Image Isaiah, a prophet of Israel, seven centuries before Christ, warned his nation of impending disaster. The moral foundations of Israel were crumbling, and without a strong moral foundation, no nation can long survive. As I read Isaiah, I am struck by the similarities between that society and our own.

First, Isaiah described a people who loved alcohol and sought escape in the bottle. He wrote: "Woe unto them that rise up early in the morning, that they may follow strong drink; that continue until night, till wine inflame them" (Isaiah 5:11). In a culture where alcohol and drug abuse have reached epidemic proportions, his words are hauntingly familiar. People are still looking for escape, but are not finding it. Misery is the companion of those who turn to drugs and alcohol.

Second, Israel had forgotten God. They would go into captivity because they had no knowledge of God (Isaiah 5:13). Today, parents do everything in their power to see that their children have the best toys, the latest fashions, the nicest houses and the finest education money can buy. But, that which parents need to pass on to their offspring is neglected. Children are growing up without a spiritual foundation. Only in God can we find answers to the great questions of life. If God is left out, it matters little what kind of education we provide our children, for they will grow up spiritually ignorant, without meaning and purpose for their existence.

Third, he spoke of a nation with warped values. Good had become evil, and evil had become good (Isaiah 5:20). Many of those things that our parents and grandparents recognized as sinful are now embraced and endorsed by society. Adultery, abortion, homosexuality, gambling and a number of other immoral and ungodly activities are no longer frowned upon. In fact, those who oppose these things are now the bad guys! Good is again evil, and evil is good.

It is not too late yet, but soon it will be. It is imperative that we begin again to build a society on the moral and ethical foundations of God's Word. Unless we change directions soon, the America many of us know and love will no longer exist!Image

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