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 Vol. 5, No. 8 

August 2003

~ Page 10 ~

Wouldn't You Really
Like to Know Your Bible?

By Steve Higginbotham

Image The New Testament of Jesus Christ:

Did you know an average reader (8 verses a minute) who spends 30 minutes a day can read the entire New Testament through in 30 days? Do that every day and one would read the New Testament through 12 times in a year. Do that for just 10 years and one will have read the New Testament through 120 times!

Our unfamiliarity with the Bible is a witness against us. No larger than what the New Testament is, why haven't we mastered that material? We've been Christians for years, decades even, and yet we fumble through the pages unsure of our destination.

You would think that a book, the only book, which gives us directions to heaven, would be consumed and devoured by people wanting to go to heaven. You would think that such a small amount of material, which directly affects our eternal destiny, would be read, studied, analyzed and mastered.

Friends, there's no excuse. Our ignorance betrays us. We've chosen the world over the Word. But, it's not too late. Most who read this message will have another 10 years to live. Spend a half hour every day for those next ten years and you will have read the New Testament through 120 times! Think of it! Such little effort put forth for such great results!

What awaits you? Just...

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