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Abortion in America

By Don Blackwell

Don Blackwell

From 1933 to 1945 Adolf Hitler engaged in one of the most horrific killing sprees this world has ever known. During that time, he was responsible for the murder of 6 million Jews, 1.5 million of whom were children. He wiped about 2/3 of the Jewish population in Europe and 1/3 of all of the Jews in the world. In addition to the Jews, 5 million non-Jewish victims were also ruthlessly murdered. The deeds of Adolf Hitler represent one of the largest slaughters of human beings ever to occur on this planet (over 11 million people).

Very sadly, the works of Hitler do not compare to what has taken place in our own country by the process of abortion. On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States legalized abortion, and since that time over 50 million innocent little babies have been killed by this brutal process.1 Clearly, life is under attack in America.

Who Is To Blame For This Crisis?

First, we blame the Supreme Court who voted to legalize the killing of unborn babies. We blame lawmakers who have made laws to further this atrocity. We blame government social planners and organizations such as Planned Parenthood who promote abortion rather than adoption. We blame doctors and abortion clinic owners who put greed ahead of life. We blame fathers and mothers who choose abortion because they don’t want the stigma or the responsibility of being a parent to their child. AbortionTV.com tells that 95% of abortions are done as a means of birth control. Only 3% are due to the mother’s health problems: 1% because of fetal abnormalities, 1% because of rape or incest. However, 95% of abortions are convenience abortions.2

Certainly, we must blame men and women who choose to kill their babies because they don’t want the hassle. Yet, we must also blame ourselves if we sit back and do nothing while these murders continue. Someone may ask, “Well, what can I possibly do?” One of the most obvious answers is “vote.” Christians need to exercise the right they have in this country to cast their votes for those will stand against abortion. Sometimes people will argue, “It doesn’t matter who you vote for. They’re all the same!” This is not, however, true. When Bill Clinton was elected President, legislation was passed what would have banned partial birth abortions, but he vetoed it. In 2003, President Bush signed into law the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act, making this procedure illegal. I am thankful to say that the Supreme Court in a 5-4 ruling upheld the law signed by President Bush, giving a victory to those of us who support life.

The point is that it does matter for whom we vote, and God will hold us responsible for our actions when we step into the voting booth. If we put our pocketbooks over principle, God will hold us accountable. If we choose social security over the sanctity of life, we will answer at the Judgment. God does not mandate whether we must be Republicans or a Democrats, but a Christian cannot support a candidate who stands in favor of gay marriage or homosexual rights or abortion. He cannot do it and be pleasing to God.

Why Are We Opposed To Abortion?

The first and most important reason that we are opposed to abortion is that it is the taking of innocent human life. Proverbs 6:16-18 says that “hands that shed innocent blood” are an abomination to God, and what blood could be more innocent than that of an unborn child? Further, we oppose abortion, not only because it is murdering the innocent, but because we understand that human life is of special significance to God. Genesis 1:27 teaches us that man has been made in the image of God Himself. Mankind is different from the animals. God has given man dominion over the animals (Genesis 1:26) and values him to a much higher degree (Matthew 10:31).

There is a movement in our world today that equates mankind to the animals. It says that we’re just one of many animals on this planet. In fact, the Association Against Animal Factories, a Vienna animal rights group, is currently involved in a legal battle to get Hiasl the Chimp declared a “person.” The world does not understand the exalted position of mankind. Perhaps if they did, they would not so readily embrace abortion. To destroy an innocent human life made in the image of God is to commit an abomination in the eyes of God.

Secondly, we oppose abortion because it is against human instinct. Romans 1:27-31 gives a list of sins characteristic of those who are worthy of death (Hell). Verse 30 specifically refers to those who are “without natural affection.” The natural way that a mother will behave toward her child is to protect him. When a mother will abandon her child or kill her child, the human spirit cries out, “Something is wrong! This is not natural.” Abortion is against human instinct.

Thirdly, the majority of abortions are rooted in selfishness. Statistics from Arizona from 1985-1995 show that less than 1% of abortions were done for medical reasons; 99.92% of the abortions done in that state were elective (convenience abortions).3 Similar statistics are true for the country as a whole. The vast majority of abortions are not done to protect the life of the mother. They are not done because of rape or incest. In fact, abortions for rape or incest appear to be just over 1%.4 Even then, it is not justified to kill the innocent because of the means by which he was conceived. The vast majority of abortions are based on selfishness. Many of them are professional women who do not want to have their careers interrupted. Many are those who do not want any more children. In 2002, half of the women who had abortions had had at least one previous abortion.5

What Are We To Do About Abortion?

First, we need to be informed and know the facts. There is an overwhelming amount of information on the worldwide web for anybody who wants it. Secondly, we need to work for and pray for candidates who oppose abortion. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are both staunch supporters of abortion. Sadly, Rudy Giuliani is also pro-abortion and an advocate of gay rights.6 Pray for viable candidates for public office in the future who will stand against abortion. Third, we need to teach sexual morality and purity. We cannot leave it to the schools. We must teach it at home and in the church. Pray for our country. Pray for our Leaders. Pray for our judges, that they may again come to appreciate the sanctity of human life.


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