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Vol.  10  No. 9 September 2008  Page 9
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Steve HigginbothamGirls Gone Mild

Steve Higginbotham

Never has there been a time in the history of our society in which sexuality has been exploited and shamelessly flaunted as it is today. The constant exposure to immodesty and sexuality has desensitized our culture. No longer does one blush, feel embarrassed or ashamed by his or her clothing or lack thereof. Do you remember a time when you would have been embarrassed for your “underwear” to be seen? Who would have thought that underwear would become “outerwear” and deliberately displayed without blushing or embarrassment? Look at how “casual sex” has been mainstreamed in our society through television, movies, music, music videos, singers and actresses/actors. Many role models of today’s youth dress in a way that would have been associated with prostitutes a generation ago. Since they are role models, one need not look far to see little girls dressing in the same way, leading someone to coin the phrase, “prosti-tots.”

So instead of accepting a “Girls Gone Wild” mentality, how do we bring about a “Girls Gone Mild” mentality? Here are a few suggestions.

Moms and Dads, don’t watch or allow your children to watch TV programs, music videos, etc. that have scantily clad people in them. Turn the channel. Be consistent. Don’t allow your children to be desensitized by repeated exposure. Develop within them a sense of shame and modesty. Don’t feel shy to tell them why you changed the channel.

Moms and Dads, don’t allow your hard-earned money to be used to purchase clothing that is inappropriate. Take it back to the store. If you can’t, throw it in the trash. Whatever you do, don’t cave in and let your child wear it. Will your child get mad and throw a fit? Probably, but your job as a parent isn’t to make your children happy, but to make them holy! When I see young girls and boys dressed immodestly, it speaks more about their mothers and fathers than it does about them.

Quit worrying about style, popularity and how your child will “fit it,” and be far more concerned about discipleship and conforming oneself and one’s child into the image of Jesus.

And finally, ask yourself if your clothing or your child’s clothing professes godliness. If godliness isn’t the message, get rid of it.

Friends, there may be nothing we can do about the way the world acts and dresses. However, within our society, one shouldn’t have to look long to find a group of people who are not conformed to culture (Romans 12:2), but who are living counter-culture lives and who are more interested in authentic discipleship than acceptance and popularity. Would a person observing the way you dress or the way your children dress come to the conclusion that you are among the number of those “gone wild” or those “gone mild?” Give it some thought.

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