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Vol.  10  No. 9 September 2008  Page 1
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A Word Between Friends

Tim Childs

By Tim Childs

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Page One

Off We Go

By Louis Rushmore

The phrase from a familiar hymn, “If I should die on a foreign field someday,” is no idle lyric to the many missionaries today who brave taking the Gospel to a troubled world, great distances from the relative safety of their home countries. The blessings most of us take for granted, not the least of which include becoming a Christian (Acts 11:26) and worshipping “in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24), are worth risking one’s life to accomplish, and yes, dying for if necessary. Christianity is that important—eternally important, on a personal level. 

Table of Contents

Off We Go By Louis Rushmore 1
Biblical Interpretation: Handling Aright the Word of God

     By Louis Rushmore 2
All Things New
By Rodney Nulph 3
The Most Dangerous Sin By T. Pierce Brown 4
Question on Baptism By D. Gene West 5
There Is Life in the Seed By Raymond Elliott 6
Making Marriages Last By Robert Johnson 7
If Everybody in the Church Were Just Like Me
     By Marilyn LaStrape 8
Girls Gone Mild By Steve Higginbotham  9
25 Things Satan Cannot Do By Tim Childs 10
Eleven Inches Equals One Foot By Donald R. Fox 11
The Path of Least Regret By Dean Kelly 12
Milk of Reason By Mark McWhorter 13
Forgive How Many Times? By Mark McWhorter 13
Cutting Okra and Killing Wasps By Mike Benson 14
Oh, What God Has Done! By Adam Blaney 15
I Have Sinned Crossword Puzzle By Bonnie Rushmore 16
God's Plan: The Only Plan of Salvation By Tim Childs 17
Don't Give Up By Robert Johnson 18
News & Advertisements 19
Walking Around While Preaching By Louis Rushmore 20
Praying for Non-Christians By Louis Rushmore 20

Louis Rushmore, Editor
Rodney Nulph, Associate Editor
Paul Mobley & Rebecca Rushmore proofreaders

A Moment of Reflection By Ernest S. Underwood
A Word Between Friends
(MP3) By Tim Childs
Crossword Puzzle
By Bonnie Rushmore
Priscilla's Page By Marilyn LaStrape
Since You Asked
By Louis Rushmore
Wisdom's Corner
(Youth Page) By Mark McWhorter

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Christianity is not only important to new recipients of the Gospel message, but it is more important to those who already comprise the church than they may really know. Jesus wasn’t kidding around when He left his disciples (of whom we profess to be) the one job to do of taking the Gospel to the entire world (Mark 16:15-16).

Those who are not personally going abroad ought to be more than happy to send those who are willing to go into a hostile world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s high time that the Lord’s church concern itself a little less with creature comforts and get back to the lone assignment Jesus left for us to do.

Of course, not everyone can take the Gospel across the globe personally. However, Bonnie and I leave for Bangalore and New Delhi, India as well as Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) on October 14; we will return to the States November 15. Just a matter of several days before our departure and we are $4,000 short of collecting the funds necessary to cover the expenses we have incurred for this mission trip. We respectfully and humbly request member’s of the Lord’s church who may be reading this to approach their respective congregations and ask them to please send a financial gift to help us. Checks may be made out to Vermilion Church of Christ and sent to 5116 Driftwood Dr., Vermilion, OH 44089. We covet your prayers.

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