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Vol.  10  No. 9 September 2008  Page 10
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Tim Childs25 Things Satan Cannot Do

Tim Childs

Satan cannot wish God out of existence.

Satan cannot diminish the power of God’s love.

Satan cannot relocate us to a position outside the reach of God and his love.

Satan cannot confuse God so He is unable to know those who belong to him.

Satan cannot tempt God to do evil.

Satan cannot change God’s character.

Satan cannot make God lie.

Satan cannot overpower God.

Satan cannot destroy the seed of the kingdom.

Satan cannot make false what is true, nor can he make true what is false.

Satan cannot defeat God’s revealed truth.

Satan cannot force God to fellowship those who embrace doctrines of demons.

Satan cannot steal God’s grace, mercy, love and forbearance.

Satan cannot weaken the power of the Gospel of Christ.

Satan cannot force me to sin against God.

Satan cannot block the path God has prepared for my use when temptation comes.

Satan cannot tempt me beyond what I am able to bear and resist.

Satan cannot forcibly remove me from God’s watchful care and saving grace.

Satan cannot cause the universal church of our Lord to cease to exist.

Satan cannot prevent Jesus’ coming again.

Satan cannot stop the dead being raised at Jesus’ command.

Satan cannot change the standard of God’s Word by which all men will be judged.

Satan cannot prevent God’s faithful children from going home to the heavenly city.

Satan cannot shield his angels and followers from God’s wrath and punishment.

Satan cannot change the destiny God has prepared for him.

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