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Vol.  9  No. 12 December 2007  Page 11
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Dean KellyDoes It Really Matter?

By Dean Kelly

Does it really matter how I live my life,
Nobody’s watching me,
It can’t matter - the things I do,
No one will really see.

Does it matter if I mention my faith,
Tell someone about my God,
It can’t matter what I say to them,
They’d just think I’m odd.

Does it really matter what path I walk,
The direction that I head,
It can’t matter – the decisions I make
No one hears a word I’ve said. 

Excuse me if I kindly disagree with you
You are watched constantly
In fact, it really matters what you do
So many will definitely see. 

Your words of faith could snatch a soul
Up from the Devil’s hell,
Someone may only listen when it is you he hears
With the message you must tell.
Choose the path you tread with the greatest of care,
For the end of the path grows near,
You can follow the path that leads to a heavenly home,
And others down that path you’ll steer.
It matters how I live, and what I teach,
My spirit and attitude,
What I practice when I serve the Lord,
May help many evil to elude.
I matter: I can be a servant of Christ the Lord,
Faithful, sure, and strong,
Fighting the fight, running the race, keeping the faith,
Till I’m in heaven where I belong.

“Does it really matter how I live my life?”
It does, most definitely,
“It can’t matter - the things I do!”
It matters for eternity.

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