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Vol.  9  No. 12 December 2007  Page 1
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A Word Between Friends

Tim Childs

By Tim Childs

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Page One

Accepts Sponsorship
of the Rushmores

By Louis Rushmore

Vermilion Church of Christ

    The Vermilion (OH) church of Christ accepted the responsibility of sponsoring Louis and Bonnie Rushmore in their labors in world evangelism. The city of Vermilion lies west of Cleveland, OH and on the southern shore of Lake Erie.

Table of Contents

Congregation Accepts Sponsorship By Louis Rushmore 1
Broken Covenant
By Louis Rushmore 2
The Voice of the Almighty
By Rodney Nulph 3
Your Redemption Draws Near By D. Gene West 4
More Is Better? By Raymond Elliott 5
Hungry Lions By Mark McWhorter 6
Find Just One Man By  Mark McWhorter 6
Visions of God Crossword Puzzle By Bonnie Rushmore 7
How Can We Know the Will of God? By Marilyn LaStrape 8
Let Jesus Be Seen By Adam Blaney 9
There Must Be Water By Mike Benson 10
Does It Really Matter? By Dean Kelly 11
The Gift of Faith By T. Pierce Brown 12
God's Ways vs. Man's Ways By James R. McGill 13
What Makes God Cry? By Jerry Bates 14
Your Adversary, the Devil By Tim Childs 15
Obedient Rechabites By Andy Robison 15
A No-Church Salvation? By Ken Joines 16
All Scripture Is Inspired By Robert Johnson 17
Are You an Eagle or a Sparrow? By Ernest S. Underwood 18
Honk If You Love By Ernest S. Underwood 18
News & Advertisements 19
Same Thoughts and Principles About God By Louis Rushmore 20
The Secret Transfiguration By Louis Rushmore 20
Benevolence and "All Men" By Louis Rushmore 20

Louis Rushmore, Editor
Rodney Nulph, Associate Editor
Paul Mobley, proofreader

A Moment of Reflection By Ernest S. Underwood
A Word Between Friends
(MP3) By Tim Childs
Crossword Puzzle
By Bonnie Rushmore
Priscilla's Page By Marilyn LaStrape
Since You Asked
By Louis Rushmore
Wisdom's Corner
(Youth Page) By Mark McWhorter

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    The Vermilion church of Christ is overseen by three elders (Frank Klingman, Claude Price and John Roscoe) and served by its minister and my dear friend, Mark Weaver. Under the oversight of these elders, the congregation will receive money from other congregations and Christians for deposit into the Rushmore Evangelism Fund. This will enable the Rushmores to labor for the cause of Christ stateside and abroad in missions.

   Bonnie and Louis work in cooperation with several other brethren in this country and overseas in a vast program of evangelism that uses the tools of the printed word, radio, TV, the Internet, Bible schools and campaigns. The primary area of concentration of these labors is in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and the Philippines, though extensive literature distribution also occurs on the continent of Africa. The aspect of these evangelistic efforts with which American Christians are most familiar is the quarterly magazine, Voice of Truth International.

  This cooperative evangelist effort is known as World Evangelism and was begun 45 years ago by J.C. and Betty Choate, with whom the Rushmores are now laboring alongside. Some fellow team members include Gay and Byron Nichols, Janet and Wayne Barrier, as well as Paula and Jerry Bates, among others.

  The anticipated monthly and annual budget for the work in which the Rushmores are involved includes:

$1,475  Stateside Travel
$   687  Printing/Shipping/Office Supplies
$1,200  Medical Expenses (treatment & insurance)
$   713  Housing Allowance
$     45  Internet (GGO)
$   333  Retirement
$2,000  Salary (2 Fulltime workers)
$1,000  Foreign Travel  (2 Trips x 2 people $12,000)
$ 7,453  Monthly Budget              $78,772  Annual Budget

  Congregations of the churches of Christ and individual Christians may send their monetary gifts to Vermilion Church of Christ, Rushmore Evangelism Fund, 5116 Driftwood Dr., Vermilion, OH 44089, or those wishing to do so may select the “Donate” button atop this page to use PayPal or a major credit card.

   Please pray for this far-flung evangelistic effort, that God may be glorified and that souls be edified and saved. Please contact Louis Rushmore (email or 662.283.9946) regarding congregations in the states to which he can go to make a media presentation regarding this good work (Titus 2:14).

Scheduling appointments for January & February 2008!

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