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 Vol. 8, No. 1 

January 2006

~ Page 14 ~

The Legs of the Lame Are Unequal

By D. Gene West

Image As a child, we recall hearing older people talking about someone having his rights trampled by someone who had no right to trample the rights of others. They would often conclude by saying, "Oh, well, the legs of the lame are unequal." We recall wondering what unequal legs had to do with the problem at hand, until some years later we figured out they were saying there is a lot of unfairness in the world, and someone is always willing to trample under foot the rights of others in order to have his own way. There are a great number of unequal legs in America today in the area of religion. Furthermore, more and more legs are becoming unequal as time goes on. Let us give some examples of what we mean.

The rights of Americans who call themselves Christians are constantly being trampled by those who are not Christian, or by those who are anti-Christian. Boys and girls who are graduating from High School, which is one of the rites of passage in our nation, are often not permitted to say such things as "God bless you," at the end of a valedictory speech because the mere mention of God will offend atheists and persons of heathen religions. At the same time the US Army Corps of Engineers is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a youth camp out in the Midwest for those of the Islamic faith. The legs of the lame are unequal! By what right does the Army Corp of Engineers build a camp for any religion? Where do they get the right to use taxpayers' money to favor one religion over another? Our children are not permitted to use the word "God" (unless they are cursing) aloud in the public schoolroom because it offends Muslims, yet they do not mind accepting thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of services from the tax-supported army. Where is the ACLU? Where is that doctrine of separation of church and state? Why are the legs of the lame so unequal?

This example could be multiplied dozens of times, and we would not cover all the instances of taxpayers in America being bilked to favor some religion other than that which is called Christian. We are not saying that the Army Corps of Engineers should begin building youth camps for all the denominations in American who claim to be Christian; we are saying the Army Corps of Engineers should not be building any youth camps for any religion. However, if they are going to do so for one, let them do it for all! Let us equal these legs! If the state, or in this case the Federal Government, is going to favor one religion, then let them favor all. The hue and cry out of Washington is that the Government cannot afford to do so. Very well, then let them favor none!

Friends, it is nothing short of alarming to view the rapidity with which the rights of those who claim to be Christians are eroding in this nation! The legs are becoming, almost daily, more and more unequal. It is time that we call to the attention of our Congress some of the things that are taking place. It is time for us to peaceably redress our grievances before the powers that be in Washington, Charleston and other places. The time is rapidly approaching, if something is not done, that so-called Christians will be persecuted with impunity in this country. When you bend over backwards to please the special interest groups, you end up on your head! The un-Christian bias in the US has reached proportions never dreamed of twenty years ago. We know not what it will take to awaken the American people to the crisis; perhaps they will never awaken and we will lose all our precious freedoms that have been gallantly fought for and jealously guarded since our nation began. Military people of great valor lie buried all over the world so we can still sing "God bless America, land that I love." Will we see that great privilege trampled in the dust along with so many other precious freedoms taken from us? Is it not time that in the courtrooms and the poling places of America we say, "enough is enough!" Too long the legs of the lame have been unequal!Image

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