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 Vol. 8, No. 2 

February 2006


~ Page 2 ~

A Way of Life

By Louis Rushmore

Image Christianity hasn't become important enough to any Christian who has not made the practice of Christianity a way of life. Christianity is not some social club with which a person can innocently amuse himself from time to time, when he feels like it. For instance, if one's Christianity is only vibrant on those occasions he congregates for worship and assembles for Bible classes with other Christians, then his Christianity has no practical application in his life, and will not transport him from this habitation to an eternal heaven with God. For one's Christianity to be of much use in this life and respecting preparation for eternity, it must be the driving force, the overriding principle and the single-mindedness that governs one's every waking moment. Truly, one fully converted is no longer the person he or she once was, but the Christian is one whose life has been transformed into something that it was not formerly (Romans 12:2). To be "conformed" is to be fashioned like something else, but to be "transformed" is to become something else. The Greek word for "transformed" in Romans 12:2 is metamorphoo, from which we have the English word metamorphose, which describes the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

When Christianity becomes a way of life with a person, truly he will follow Jesus Christ, the Captain of his salvation (Hebrews 2:10). For the wholly converted, "Christian" is not a name to be worn, but it is every bit of everything he is--every waking moment of everyday all the days of his life. When Christianity becomes a way of life with a person, he will be the best possible person he can be--as a man or a woman, a mother or a father, a husband or a wife, as an employee or a boss, as a citizen, as a debtor or as a creditor, etc. Has Christianity become a way of life with you?Image

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