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Louis Rushmore, a former Catholic, obeyed the Gospel in 1972 while in the United States Air Force. One year later (evening services on potluck Sunday), he preached his first sermon. After several months of preaching for various congregations by appointment, Louis accepted his first fulltime work in 1974.

After realizing the need to increase his Bible knowledge, brother Rushmore enrolled in Memphis School of Preaching in 1975. Louis Rushmore studied at Lake Superior State University and Southeastern Illinois University and further received the following diploma and degrees: Diploma from Memphis School of Preaching, BA for Biblical Studies, MA for Journalism in Society & Religion, and PhD for Homiletics & Preaching from the Theological University of America.

Louis Rushmore has preached for several decades. He has written hundreds of articles, many of which have appeared in various Gospel magazines, including: Gospel Advocate, Gospel Gazette, Christian Bible Teacher, The Restorer, Therefore Stand, Unity in Truth, First Century Christian, Power, Publishing Peace and Contending for the Faith. Louis has written several books, including: Church Divine; Spirit Summarized; Bible Geography; Parables of Our Lord, Vols. 1 & 2; Our Restoration Heritage, Vols. 1 & 2; Cost of Discipleship, Beverage Alcohol, Preaching the Whole Counsel of God, Vols. 1-10, Rushmore's Notes on the Book of Esther, Rushmore's Notes on the Book of Ruth, Digging Up the Past and Biblical Companions: Geography, Archaeology and Sacred History.

Presently, brother Rushmore is an evangelist, laboring to help continue the missionary and literary work of the late J.C. Choate. Louis and his wife, Bonnie, are coworkers with Betty Choate (and others). Louis was an instructor at West Virginia School of Preaching for 10 years, where he taught New Testament Church, English Grammar, Bible Geography, Acts, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians and James. He has been the Editor of Gospel Gazette Online since 1999, and brother Rushmore is an Associate Editor of The Voice of Truth International magazine (which goes into 80 countries). Additional experience includes Gospel meetings and lectureships, and radio, plus limited television. Louis is also past Associate Editor of a state right-to-life magazine.

Louis and Bonnie, have three grown children and two grandchildren. Bonnie and Louis look forward to serving the Lord Jesus as efficiently and as enthusiastically as possible as long as they live and enjoy sufficient health to do so. They served the Cameron, WV church of Christ for nearly six years, but in June of 2007 Bonnie and Louis accepted the invitation to labor alongside of longtime missionaries J.C. and Betty Choate in their program of World Evangelism. Presently, the Rushmores are making appointments with individuals and congregations to apprise them of their work in World Evangelism, from facilities in Winona, MS and overseas teaching at Bible schools and preaching in campaigns. You may contact Louis Rushmore by email or (662) 283-1192 or (662) 739-3035. Follow the links below for more information about their evangelistic labors.

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