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 Vol. 7, No. 12 

December 2005

~ Page 8 ~

The Spirit of Involvement

By Dennis Gulledge

Image In the Book of Nehemiah we are introduced to people who had "a mind to work." This is the same as saying that they had the spirit of involvement. It takes involvement to get a job done (Nehemiah 2:17-18). It takes involvement for the church to grow.

The spirit of involvement demonstrated here is opposed to the spirit of laziness, fear, contentedness, hopelessness, apathy and indifference. Enemies try to provoke a spirit of hopelessness in us just as they did in Nehemiah's day (4:1-3), but, we can respond to discouragement by praying (4:4).

Interest and enthusiasm are contagious commodities as are their opposites, stagnation and non-involvement. Leaders can lead, urge, encourage and provide the example for greater involvement in the Lord's work, but, until people "catch fire" with interest and zeal there is little else they can do.

One of the problems we face in the church today is spectator mentality. Someone has suggested that most congregations are composed of people who are "100% willing"--10% are willing to work and 90% are willing to let them. No doubt, all of us want to see the Lord's work prosper and grow, but what are we doing to help? We want to see the lost taught the Gospel, the sick visited, the needy relieved, the weak encouraged and the body of Christ edified, but who is personally involved in any of these areas? Are you? We have no aversion to being involved in clubs, sports, scouts, organizations, social interests and hobbies; however, how much will we commit ourselves to do in the greatest cause on earth?

The spirit of involvement, or the "mind to work," comes from the following areas:

When people work together, they grow together. The church that is busy at work is busy growing. How busy are we?Image

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