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 Vol. 6, No. 3 

March 2004

Priscilla's Page *Editor's Note*

~ Page 16 ~

Home Bible Study

By Clista Heintzman

[West Virginia Christian. 10.2 (2003): 6.]

Study is essential to learning, to understanding and to success. As mothers, we make sure our children study their lessons and are prepared for school each day. We review and quiz them in their schoolwork because we know that study is important for their success in the future.

The study of the Bible with our children at home is of much more importance than the study of school subjects. Bible study answers the question, "Who is God?" for our children. It lets children know where they come from and how special and priceless they are to God. It gives them a sense of purpose here on earth. It teaches them about sin (about right and wrong), about forgiveness and about heaven. Romans 10:17 teaches that Bible study will increase our children's faith in God. Second Timothy 2:15 says, "Study to show yourself approved unto God..." Yes, our children study the Bible in their classes on Sunday morning and Wednesday night each week, but an hour of study a week does not give our children enough spiritual food to ward off the world's temptations. In many cases, we are failing to teach our children the principles of God's Word.

The church is not growing, as it should. Do you realize that if each of us were teaching our children, as we should, the numbers of Christians would generally be increasing, without even considering teaching the Gospel to those outside our families? Think about it. Most families have at least one or two children. Some families have three, four or more children. Numbers in the church are decreasing. This means we are losing many of our children to the world. Why? I believe one main reason we are losing them is that there is a lack of teaching God's Word at home. Proverbs 22:6 says, "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." Sadly, there is always the exception of a child who has been taught God's Word and still goes the way of the world, but that is the exception.

If you still have children at home and have not been devoting time each day to teaching them God's ways from his Word, then start now! It is essential to their salvation and to your salvation. Read and study the Bible with your children every day. Subscribe to literature of a spiritual nature such as Discovery, which teaches children Scripture and science. Make up question cards and play games with their knowledge. Most of all, live God's Word the best you can, and be consistent. Set aside a certain time each day for Bible study with your children. I find that a good time to study is right before bedtime. Try not to become discouraged in this important work and know that what you are doing will affect you and your children for eternity.Image


By Sarah Beth Smith (age 10)


I am walking to a city the grandest of them all

The streets with gold are laid

Yet, there is the gate, a beauty to behold

Encrusted with all the beauty in the world

The meadows have every kind of flower

Bees and butterflies, too

Trees have nests with chickadees

And cardinals, too

The valley has a lake with

Fish turtles and frogs, too

But the Church is the grandest thing of all

Bibles are everywhere

It's like a great big library

With songbooks, too

The sign outside says

Christ's Church in Heaven

I see my family

Mommy, Daddy

Jennifer, Carrie,

Lori, Tarz

Roger, Austin

Brayden, Pap

Pap S., Grandmas

And my friends are there, too

Shanan, Bonnie

Louis, Robert

Rebecca and everyone in between

But the last view to behold is

God, Christ and the Holy Ghost

All sitting on the Throne

It is more beautiful

Than that

No one can paint it

They just believe in the

Beautiful City of GodImage


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