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 Vol. 6, No. 3 

March 2004

~ Page 11 ~

The Coolest Form of Life!

By David P. Everson

Image A common saying today by young and old alike is "Chill Out." Of course, it is meant like counting to 10 to taking five deep breaths, which gives us a chance to calm down and reflect on our actions. Indeed the inspired Scriptures admonish us to "Be slow to speak," which reflects this same idea. But for one life form that God created, the phrase "Chill Out" is its way of living. Let's examine the coolest organism alive on earth today.

From the McMurdo Dry Valley of Antarctica 800 miles from the South Pole comes one of the most unusual life forms known to man. In what appears to be one of the most inhospitable climates on the planet we find living things. The temperature never climbs above 4 degrees above freezing. Yet, even in the ice, there have been found living things. God has designed even in this frigid environment a form of bacteria that can thrive under these conditions.

While studying many of the frozen lakes found on Antarctica, the teams of scientists drilling down into the ice found colonies of bacteria. Down more than 20 feet in the ice, whole colonies of different types of bacteria were found. These included cyanobacteria (blue-green algae), some nitrogen-fixing species, and other undescribed varieties. It appears that this colony, made up of different species of bacteria, is necessary for the survival of each one of the species. Each of the variety of bacteria has a different metabolic mechanism that allows it to contribute to the well being of the other species of bacteria. One species releases carbon dioxide that another uses for food. In addition to the cooperation to survive in this icy tomb, it also seems that these bacterial colonies may be modifying the environment to allow them to survive. It seems apparent that during the summer when the temperature hovers around 34 degrees, these bacteria must secrete some type of natural antifreeze to keep their surrounding in a liquid condition. This allows them to carry out their existence on the very edge of livable conditions.

Of course, the evolutionists apply these examples of bacterial growth to how they imagine organisms can live on the inhospitable conditions found on other planets and moons in our solar system. Of course, this then is applied to the supposed evolution of life on an uninhabited planet like the imagined primitive earth.

None of these supposed imaginative scenarios answer the question of how even the simplest of life form, the bacteria with it's 5,000 proteins and other complex molecules could come about by random accidents. Indeed, it best shows the amazing creative ability that God designed into the Coolest of Life Forms! Great is Our God.Image

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