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 Vol. 6, No. 7 

July 2004

~ Page 12 ~

Failed Prophecies

By D. Gene West

Image One of the most wondrous things about the Bible is that one can read it from beginning to end and never find even one instance of any predictive prophecy ever failing. One of the reasons, among many,  we know the Bible is the Book of God is the fact that not one single thing that God ever promised has ever failed to materialize just as God said it would. This is not true with the prophecies, predictions and prognostications of men. They have failed times innumerable, and yet good people will listen again and again to the same prophets make new prophecies, which like the old ones are doomed to fail.

Take as a case in point the number of times in the last two millennia men have predicted and set a date for the "second coming of Christ." It never happened! No less than a dozen times, or perhaps as many as twenty times, in the last sixty years times have been set for that coming. It never happened! Surely all who are at least twenty years old remember all the predictions of the end of time said to be coming at the end of the last millennium. It didn't happen! We have lost all interest in the doomsday prophets of our time, because nothing they ever have said has come to pass.

Up until the time of the fall of the Berlin wall and the subsequent crumble of the Soviet Union, there were constant prophecies made that the US and the USSR would lock in mortal combat of a nuclear nature that would result in the intervention of Christ and the establishment of his kingdom in the nation known as Israeli. It never happened! Yet very careful schemes were worked out to prove that the various Soviet republics were the nations of Gog and Magog who would bring the whole world to the very brink of destruction. It never happened! They spoke of the nations of Gog and Magog, the USSR being locked in mortal combat with the US and Israel for the domination of the world. It never happened! The USSR passed quietly into history, and the various republics that made up that Union have gone their separate, and sometimes war faring ways. All the prophecies that involved these nations never came to pass. Obviously, they were not true.

As recently as two years ago, it was avowed that the US would be locked in combat with Hussein and that could bring on the final battle of the ages. Well, we went to war with Saddam, it was not much of a war, and he is somewhere in American hands today; so again, the prophecies failed. Obviously they were not true. The saber rattling of the North Koreans has again excited the prophetic bloodlust of the doomsday setters and they have been predicting a cataclysmic war between the US, China and North Korea. But the saber rattling has stopped, and China is much more interested in entering into trade agreements with the US than they are going to war against us.

We realize we have belabored the point, but we cannot help but wonder how much longer people will pay attention to, and make millionaires of, the doomsday prophets who ply their false prophecies in all kinds of books, VCR recordings and DVD recordings? They are playing on the fears of the people to make millions, maybe even hundreds of millions of dollars, while we are fleeced and left behind!

It is time people took time away from all their electronic toys and trinkets, and became students of the Word of God. It is time we turned from the doomsday prophets, who have never told us the truth, and turned to our Lord Jesus Christ, who has never told us an untruth. It is time we looked away from the temporal to the eternal, from the flashy to the beautiful, from earth to heaven. It is time we turned a deaf ear to the false prophets of the land, who in the name of one religion or another, prophesy all kinds of ridiculous things. Come to the Lamb of God who takes away sin!  Jesus may not be as "exciting" as the modern prophets, but he will never leave us behind!Image

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