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 Vol. 6, No. 7 

July 2004

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Louis Rushmore, Editor
Steve Smithbauer, Associate Editor
Production Staff
Bonnie Rushmore, office manager
Paul Mobley, proofreader
Rebecca Rushmore, proofreader
Children's Activities by Bonnie Rushmore
Priscilla's Page by various authors
Recycled by various authors
Youth Page by Mark McWhorter
Since You Asked by Louis Rushmore

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In This Issue

Editorial by Louis Rushmore
The Truth About Speaking in Tongues

Page 2

Guest Editorial by Wayne Jackson
The Crucifixion of Christ

Page 3

Faith -- Not a Blind Leap by Brad Harrub

Page 4

Associate Editorial by Steve Smithbauer
Unpardonable Sin

Page 5

Youth Page by Mark McWhorter
The Opened Fountain

Page 6

Willing Hearted

Page 6

Children's Activities by Bonnie Rushmore
Creation Crossword Puzzle

Page  7

Creation Word Search

Page  7

Recycled by Alan E. Highers
The Secret of Human Happiness

Page 8

The "Stigmata" of Jesus by  E. Russell King

Page 9

When Was Paul Saved? by Raymond Elliott

Page 10

Baptize 'Em All! by Jay Launius

Page 11

Failed Prophecies by D. Gene West

Page 12

The Difference Between Your Church and Mine 
     by T. Pierce Brown

Page 13

A Good Man, But Lost by Roger A. Rush

Page 14

"Faith" and "the Faith" by Hugo McCord

Page 15

Priscilla's Page by Marilyn LaStrape
Enemies of Our Faith 

Page 16

"In God We Trust" by Richard Kelley

Page 17

Since You Asked by Louis Rushmore
Who Is the AntiChrist?

Page 18

Attending All the Assemblies Necessary?

Page 18

Interesting Others in Attendance

Page 18

Do Little Sins Hurt the Church?

Page 18

News, Events, Advertising

Page 19

Since You Asked by Louis Rushmore
Why Did Aaron Make a Golden Calf?

Page 20

Did Moses Lack Self-Confidence?

Page 20

Job a Complainer?

Page 20

Job Our Example of Patience

Page 20

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