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 Vol. 5, No. 11 

November 2003

Guest Editorial

~ Page 3 ~

Homosexuality: This Is
Where We Part Ways

By Brad Harrub

Image The phone call was like many we receive at our offices. Someone had come across an article on our Web site, and wanted to talk to someone about it. In the course of our conversation, the young man spoke passionately about his beliefs, defending what he felt was right. About fifteen minutes into the conversation, he made the following comment: "Yes, I feel like I must speak up and be heard, similar to the homosexuals today who desire equal rights." Up until that moment, we were having a healthy conversation and were both able to communicate various views and ideas. But with those words, our conversation took an abrupt turn. I told this young man that this is where he and I "were definitely going to part ways." (Obviously, this individual was not familiar with Apologetics Press, and our stance to defend New Testament Christianity).

Having struck a nerve, the caller asked me if I was kidding. In amazement, he went on to comment that he could not believe I did not want all people to "share equal rights." I assured him that all people were created in the "image and likeness" of God (Genesis 1:26-27), but that did not stop people from committing acts that God would not endorse (e.g., rape, murder, stealing). He then questioned my love for others, and asked, "How can someone who professes Christianity treat others with such disdain." Sadly, the world has done an excellent job of teaching this young man that anyone who does not accept homosexuality is guilty of the worst type of sin -- the sin of intolerance. I reassured him that I tried very hard to treat all humans in a loving manner, but that did not mean I (or, more importantly, God) approved of their actions. Our conversation continued for another fifteen minutes, as I continued reminding him that no matter how you slice it, the Bible -- God's Word -- viewed homosexual practices as sinful (see 1 Corinthians 6:9-11; Romans 1:26-32; Leviticus 18:22). I kept reiterating the point that sin separates us from God (Isaiah 59:1-2), and as such, those who continued to practice such acts without repenting would spend eternity in torment.

Over and over, this young man kept questioning why I would not want to give equal marriage rights to other "fellow human beings." And over and over, I stated very simply that what I wanted did not really matter. Rather, God had set forth a plan, and we as obedient Christians are to follow that plan. The gentleman noted that legislation likely would be passed in my lifetime recognizing homosexual marriages as true unions. I conceded that, unfortunately, he probably was right, but I continued to stress that laws would not change this abomination in the eyes of the Lord (think -- abortion). Changing tactics, he tried to discredit the Bible, but quickly realized that was not going to be possible, given the resources I had at my fingertips. Looking for any means to put a chink in my argument, he stressed that the "majority" of Americans were now accepting homosexual couples. He pointed to the numerous examples that are clearly evident in our media. I told him that, yes, I was aware that most sitcoms felt obligated to have a token "homosexual" couple in order to be politically correct. But I noted that I have just as much of an obligation to keep such material out of my household. Just because Hollywood embraces it, does not give it credence. I patiently reminded him that just because the majority accepted something (e.g., abortion, divorce), that did not make it right. I quoted Matthew 7:13-14 and mentioned that Christians were never going to be in the majority. We are to be transformed, not conformed to the world (Romans 12:2). He laughed, and asked how I could believe in a God Who would send the majority of people to hell. I responded by asking him how many people he knew who were willing to be obedient to and serve an all-powerful God. After his silence, I told him that God is not only a just God, but he also is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. I pointed out that, sadly, society has mischaracterized God as so "loving" that he will accept everyone and all of their actions. I reassured him that while society might continue to bow up their backs against God's divine edicts, that did not change the fact that one day, every knee would bow (Philippians 2:10).

He pointed out that Americans were becoming more compliant; I repeated that made no difference -- look at how our society now views marriage and divorce. Multiple marriages are common. In fact, some time ago, I was walking through airport security and a man in front of me laughed aloud and said to his two male friends, "Who doesn't have an ex-wife these days?" What a tragic commentary on our society! I told the young man on the phone that if someone were homosexual, he did have the ability to remain celibate -- just like someone who has been divorced for unscriptural reasons. This young man could not have expressed more incredulity. He asked me if I really thought that men and women should remain celibate just because they were homosexual or happened to get out of a "bad" marriage. He said, "You can't be serious." I reminded him that the rewards in eternity far exceeded any earthly pleasures.

This young man then pointed out that he found it ironic that God had allowed homosexuals to be "born like that." Again, not realizing my background (anatomy and neurobiology), I quickly reminded him that scientists have completed the human genome this year, and no "homosexual" gene has ever been found -- which is interesting, given all the time and money that has been focused on finding just such a genetic causative agent. Certainly, society wants the vast majority to believe that these individuals "cannot help themselves," yet according to science, there are no data that support his "born with it" view. We ended our conversation with him asking me if I really thought that God would send people to hell simply because they acted on the "feelings" they had for members of the same sex. He could not fathom my simple response. I told him, "Yes, because the Bible says that is exactly what he will do!"

Friends, the vocal homosexual minority has had their fifteen minutes in the spotlight -- their time is up! It's high time Christians remind the world of the definition of sin. How long will we sit by idly and allow legislation to be passed that destroys God's original plan for families? How long are we going to continue to support news and media networks that openly endorse gay relationships? Are we so intimidated that we have completely forgotten what God's Word says on the matter? Has the homosexual agenda succeeded in characterizing everyone who does not accept their movement as tantamount to committing "hate crimes?" We shake our heads as denominations openly install a homosexual "bishop," but what happens when a homosexual wants to work with the youth in a local congregation? Will we continue to remain passive? If homosexual marriages are acceptable, then why not go ahead and legalize bestiality, pedophilia, and polygamy--after all, these are simply individuals wanting their "equal rights." How far are we going to let this go before we finally speak up and inform the world that homosexual acts are sin that bring about spiritual death (Romans 6:23; James 1:13-15)? This young man labeled me as a fundamentalist. If "fundamentalist" means that I am striving diligently to follow the directives set forth in the Bible, then I thank him for that compliment.Image

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