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 Vol. 4, No. 12 

December, 2002

~ Page 11 ~

Focus, Focus, Focus

By Norm Fields

Image People today are too scattered. They are too busy. Most people are trying to manage several different things at the same time. Our society has become so fast with so many things needing our attention that we often loose sight of the really important things. Even children suffer from our scatter-brained way of living. How many of us were ever diagnosed with things like "Attention Deficit Disorder"? Or how many of our childhood friends do we ever remember being put on medications designed to modify behavior, like so many children are today? These are not new "disorders" that have just popped up out of nowhere in the past 20 years or so. They are the result of a lack of focus. Children are not taught how to focus but are allowed to do whatever the young mind comes up with. It's normal for a child's mind to turn from one thing to the next very rapidly; he's learning everything for the first time. So what do we expect when we don't train that active young mind to focus its attention on a given point? Chaotic, unfocused thinking!

The society in which we live is very proficient in causing us to shift our focus from what is truly important to things that are purely temporal in nature. However, we know, as Christians, that we are not to focus on the material but on the spiritual (1 Peter 2:11-12). What are we to do about such divided attention and misplaced priorities? The Bible says, "focus, focus, focus." It does this by the use the several words and phrases that emphasize the importance of focusing on God and his Word. Let us notice some of these biblical terms that would teach us the necessity of focus.

There are many more biblical principles that we could discuss on this point of being focused. This very well may be the greatest need of the church in our age, greater focus on the part of Christians to being Christians. We often say that we have a great need for more faithful elders, for more faithful preachers, for more faithful teachers, etc. But, if we were more focused on the task at hand, being Christians, then all of these things would just fall into place. We have lost our focus and we must get it back!Image

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