Gospel Gazette Online
Volume 19 Number 6 June 2017
Page 9

Faith, Hope and Love

Cliff Holmes

Faith is the eye through which I can see,
The wonderful home, now waiting for me.
Faith is the substance of things not yet shown,
Things of the future, which God shall make known.

Hope is a lifeline which anchors the soul,
The calming assurance that God will control.
Hope is the rock which we must build upon,
Eternally lasting when this world is gone.

Love is a gift, given by God the Father,
Which he told us to share with each other.
Love is a blessing, the greatest by far,
Outshining the light of the brightest star.

“Faith, Hope, and Love” said the apostle Paul,
But of these, love, is the greatest of all.

Suggestions for a
Happier Family Life

Ronald D. ReevesSeveral years ago, I read an article that focused attention on practical steps that we may take to better ensure a happier family life. Among the suggestions penned were the following: Keep the marriage relationship first. This is not only scriptural, but it is also wise, knowing that a child’s security is best served by the love existing between father and mother. Learn to show affection in both word and deed, developing a like for family members with a willingness to communicate it. Keep a check on materialism while learning how to provide what is needed for healthy development. Our greater interest should be in people rather than items. Build memories by using family time as an opportunity to build a “Museum of Memories.” Strive to answer ego needs as we enjoy being around people who do us good and as we lose self in the service of others. Build honor and expectation as we instill in our family a balanced sense of pride so that one will expect more of self. These six suggestions, though age-old, may be of great value as we pass through this year and look to the arrival of many more, all with the hope and promise of better things for self and those we love so dearly.

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