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God’s Way for Us to Cope
with Loss, Sorrow and Grief, #9

Marilyn LaStrape

This statement was quoted in a sermon from the book, Heart-to-Heart by Robert G. Lee. “Sin has dug every grave, built every coffin, enlarged every cemetery… that the world has ever seen” (65-66). The loss of grandchildren and great-grandchildren can strike the deepest core of our emotions, especially if the loss is an infant, a toddler or an adolescent. These losses are suffered by all people around the globe. In the final analysis, the age of the grand or great-grand is totally irrelevant. The stark reality is they are no longer with us, and we grieve on some level for the rest of our lives!

Grief becomes more complicated when a loved one’s death is:

What to Expect

Every symptom of grief may be more intense and prolonged after a traumatic death. It is normal to experience:

Many of us are familiar with the poem “I Walked a Mile with Pleasure” by Robert Browning Hamilton.

I walked a mile with Pleasure;
She chatted all the way;
But left me none the wiser
For all she had to say.

I walked a mile with Sorrow,
And ne’er a word said she;
But, oh! The things I learned from her,
When sorrow walked with me.

Virgil M. Fry wrote Rekindled – Warmed by Fires of Hope. He included a section entitled, “When Fires Rage – The Unique Journey of Grief: Reflections.” Note these selected quotes.

Our world is in a state of constant change. God is not. At times, the world seems to be trembling beneath our feet. But we can be comforted in the knowledge that our Heavenly Father is the rock that cannot be shaken. His Word promises, “I am the Lord, I do not change” (Malachi 3:6 NKJV). Every day that we live, we mortals encounter a multitude of changes – some good, some not so good, some downright disheartening. On those occasions when we must endure life-changing personal losses that leave us breathless, there is a place we can turn for comfort and assurance – we can turn to God. When we do, our loving Heavenly Father stands ready to protect us, to comfort us, to guide us, and, in time, to heal us. (365 Daily Prayers 34)

Biblical References of the Loss of
Grandchildren or Great-Grandchildren

It is God’s expectation of us as parents, grandparents and great-grandparents to be the godliest examples of reverence and obedience to Him that is humanly possible. Our lives must exhibit the Holy Spirit’s abiding presence in daily spiritual fruitfulness. This legacy of a lifetime of commitment to God is the most valuable inheritance our offspring could ever receive because it is undying.

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