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Gospel Gazette Online

Vol. 11 No. 6 June 2009

Page 8

Julene NulphPriscilla's Page Editor's Note

Mary and Martha

Mary and Martha: Martha and Mary.
Two sisters are they yet their views are contrary.
One sister sits at the Master’s feet.
The other one worries, what will her guests eat!

Mary and Martha: Martha and Mary.
Two sisters are they- one is calm one is weary.
One sister scurries about in a rush
The other one listens in the still silent hush.

Two sisters trying to put forth their best.
One is so busy and one is at rest.
One sister wants to make her home so clean
The other wants wisdom from Jesus to glean.

Two sisters whose views of both I can see,
One sets the table and gets water for tea.
The other puts spiritual things ahead of the rest
Two differing views, yet which sister was blessed?”

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