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Vol. 11 No. 12 December 2009

Page 6

Merry Christmas

D. Gene West

D. Gene West

In what seems to be less than a good full month, the year has gone by and we have come once more to the holiday season. Although no one knows when Jesus Christ was born, the world seems to want to stop once a year and celebrate that great event. In a very real sense those of us who are Christians in the New Testament sense celebrate the birth of Christ every time we center our minds on Him in the moments of sweet communion every Lord’s Day. In churches of Christ, we take no special notice of what purports to be the “birthday” of Jesus on or near December 25th.  To us that day is no more sacred than any other, and it seems that the teachings of Romans 14-15:13 gives us that right. Of course, living in a free country we are at liberty as individuals to do or not to do whatever we like regarding this holiday, or any other for that matter.

However, there are foreign influences being upheld by such un-American groups as the American Civil Liberties Union, which have convinced the courts of the land to refuse those of us who make up the vast majority in this country, the right to put decorations in public places such as courthouse lawns, etc. The American Criminal Liberties Union has stolen more American rights from American people in the last fifty years than we will ever regain, though people who claimed to be Christians founded this nation, and people who claim to be Christians pay, by far, the lion’s share of the taxes to support this nation. However, according to this subversive organization and many others like it, we must not offend the Jewish population, or the Islamic population living here. Folks, if I were to go to some Islamic or Jewish country and I did not like the way things were done, I would simply leave, especially if I supported the nation in a very miniscule way.

There are at least three ways of looking at this holiday. (1) As a very sacred day on which the only Savior of the world was born. We do not look at it in this way for there is not one hint of Bible precedent for so doing. (2) We can look upon it as a “festival” day in which we go the extra mile to entertain friends and family by eating together, exchanging gifts and the things of that nature. This is the way I look upon this day, and being with Christian family and friends makes me thankful that Christ was born and died for our redemption regardless of what day of the year it is. I experience this same sort of thankfulness at Thanksgiving and other holidays that seem to have religious overtones. (3) We can look on this day as one in which we can do all in our power to set aside, or steal the freedoms of a great people in a great nation because we find it “personally offensive.” Friends, I find traffic lights “personally offensive,” because I do not like to stop for them, but I am not going to put everyone else at risk, or cause them to be uncomfortable for my personal comfort. The minority always yields in a nation like ours, and all of us are in some minority of some kind.

Therefore, it is my sincere hope and prayer for you that you have thoroughly enjoyable times during this “Christmas” season. Enjoy your family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers who may greet you on the street. Watch the eyes of little children light up when they see their treasure-trove of gifts. Enjoy seeing the older people smile at the happiness of the children. Reminisce a little. Remember the good old days when this holiday was always accompanied with ample amounts of snow so children could enjoy their sleds. Let happiness into your bones, and joy fill your heart—it is good for you! Look to the wisdom of those who are older. Revel in their stories of this season in yesteryear. Be loving and kind to all about you because you have a Savior who can one day take you home to glory. Don’t let any kind of a crabby person rob you of the joy you have a right to feel during this season—and all other seasons as well. From the West house to yours, Merry Christmas.

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