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Vol.  10  No. 4 April 2008  Page 2
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T. Pierce BrownGod's Way Vs. Man's Way

By T. Pierce Brown

    Last week (2002), I listened to President Bush as he presented before his Cabinet and the nation his plan for fighting the drug war. Every politician and reporter I heard seemed to be in favor of the idea, but many criticized it because he was not planning to spend enough money to do the job. A few, who seemed more astute than the average, pointed out that spending ten times that much money would not do the job if we did not attack the root of the problem.

    However, no one, as far as I heard in the news media or the political arena, even hinted at any specific way to attack the root of the problem, or even suggest what it is. The closest thing I heard to it was someone suggesting that more needed to be spent on “education.” I presume that meant “telling people the harmful effects of it” as if the thousands who are selling it and using did not already know first hand of its harmful effects!

    Then, this same weekend I met with a group of Christians who are working on a plan that will do more to curb the drug traffic, pornography, alcoholism, teenage pregnancy, crime in and out of the streets, family abuse and other numerous social ills than all of the programs the government can devise.

    That plan is simply God’s plan, but one of the things that thrilled me is that instead of simply sitting around and saying, “If everyone would follow God’s plan, this thing can be solved,” or “If every person who smokes a cigar would quit and donate that money to the Cause, we would have enough to provide for these needs,” those men began to lay out a plan to get the Gospel message of freedom, peace and abundant living into every home in the nation. They are providing it with feet on which to walk, or wings on which to fly, rather than simply dealing in pious generalities.

    God’s plan will work without either the ecclesiastical or the political machinery that is necessary to carry on man’s plans. The basis on which it will work is this: If we are more interested in carrying out the wishes of our King in the way He wants them to be done than we are in advancing our own political or religious interests, we automatically cooperate and make whatever sacrifices are necessary to the accomplishment of the goals. We still remain autonomous without being anonymous, as I heard a dear brother say.

    Before I decided that I would make the preaching of the Gospel the primary focus of my life, I knew that I was very inferior to many persons in capacity, knowledge, ability and training. However, I told the Lord, “I will do what I can, where I am, with what I have,” so I began.

    As the years have passed, I have discovered an even greater truth. Anyone can do that, but when a person really does what he can, where he is, with what he has for the glory of God, God will enable him to do what he could not, where he is not, with what he does not have! The little boy in John 6:9 could not possibly feed 5000 with a few loaves and fishes. However, when he turned them over to Christ, he did! Peter could not possibly walk on water, but when he obeyed the command of Christ, he did!

    The churches of Christ can get the Gospel into every home in the United States, and what you would see is one of the greatest projects of this century in fighting drugs, crime and sins of all sorts, which would amaze both the political and religious world with its simplicity and its power. When people in all areas of life see thousands of congregations and millions of Christians voluntarily joining together to fight for one cause, not because of some political or religious pressure, but simply because they are voluntarily following the commands of the same King, as men of vision and courage lead and point the way, they will be constrained to look more carefully at that Cause. The result will be that not only will thousands be led to Christ, but also the very fabric of society will be changed.

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