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Vol.  10  No. 4 April 2008  Page 11
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Dean KellyThe Measuring Instrument

By Dean Kelly

    I weighed myself one day recently. I weighed a certain amount (nope, I am not going to tell, so don’t even ask!) on one scale. I guess I wanted a second opinion, so I weighed on another one. It showed me 20 pounds heavier than the first one did. (I liked the first one better; it must be doing a better job.) Therefore, just to see if I could get a majority ruling, I found a third one and weighed on it. It showed me 10 pounds heavier than the first scale, and 10 pounds lighter than the second scale. (I still liked the first one better.) To be honest, I do not know which one was right, so I just went with the one that pleased me the most.

    Sadly, I believe that many religious people follow this same path. They try one religious organization, church or preacher, and then, they try another, which tells them something different, and maybe another that tells something totally different yet. They get confused, and then they just go to the one that pleases them most.

    How can I know how much I truly weigh? I have to find a reliable scale, one that is calibrated properly and that is consistent with the true weight of what it weighs. While all three of the scales I used were different, the fact is that I did actually weigh a certain amount when I used those scales. All of them could have been wrong, or one right and two wrong (I know you figure the heaviest one was right), but only one could have been right.

    Religiously, there is a truth that does not change. It is the truth that is God’s Word (John 17:17), and that truth is understandable. In the religious world, we may find all kinds of “interpretations,” sort of like the measurements of my weight on those scales. The fact is, however, that there is a truth that is sure and certain, and is right. If two or more people are teaching different things on a matter of doctrine or Scripture, then either all of those teachings are wrong, or one is right and the others are wrong. That is an unpopular sentiment in today’s world.

    If we take it and think about it in terms of how much I weigh, it is not hard to understand. I have a true weight. However, it cannot be 20 pounds different from one measurement, and 10 pounds different from another and all three measurements be true. That just makes sense. For example, I cannot weigh 100 pounds (I wish!), 110 pounds and 120 pounds all at the same time. If three scales weigh me these weights, then at least two of them are wrong (I know what you are thinking, in my case all three would be wrong at these weights, although the three combined might come close-Ha,Ha!).

   From the perspective of religion, we must go to the Bible, and allow it to speak as the authority of God. We need to use it as our spiritual scale, or measuring instrument. In the end, it will be that by which we are judged. It is truth in its purest form. We must measure by God’s measurements and not by ours.

    I would like to lose some weight. However, just going from one scale to another that gives me a reading that pleases me more does not change my real weight. I want to go to heaven. Just changing to some other organization or preacher that tells me what I want to hear will not change the course I am on. Only obedience to the truth of God can do that. Be careful what measuring instrument you use to guide your life.

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