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 Vol. 9, No. 4 

April 2007

~ Page 4 ~

Dedication to Raymond Elliott

By Louis Rushmore

The April 2007 issue of Gospel Gazette Online is dedicated to the honor of brother Raymond Elliott.

Raymond Elliott and Louis Rushmore have neither met nor otherwise crossed paths personally, but I know brother Elliott through his biblically accurate and effective writing. It is with great pleasure and humble gratitude that we (1) regularly enjoy brother Elliott's articles in the pages of Gospel Gazette Online, and (2) dedicate this issue of GGO to brother Raymond Elliott.

Raymond Elliott is a graduate of Faulkner University (BS in Religious Education) and Southern Christian University (MS and M.Div). Brother Elliott has served on the Board of Regents of Southern Christian University since 1973 (Chairman for five years; presently Vice-Chairman).

Brother Elliott began preaching fulltime in 1958, serving churches in Georgia and Alabama (since 1960). He has served in various capacities at Wiregrass Christian Camp near Enterprise, AL since 1971. He has spoken in various lectureships (e.g., Freed Hardeman University, Faulkner University, Southern Christian University and Mount Dora, FL Christian Home & Bible School) and many Gospel meetings. Brother Elliott has written for a number of religious journals (e.g., Sound Doctrine, Vigil, Words of Truth, The Evangelist, Firm Foundation, Gospel Advocate, Magnolia Messenger, Gospel Gazette Online), written for Gospel Advocate's Annual Lesson Commentary, has experience in newspaper, radio and television evangelism, as well as been instrumental in establishing new congregations.

Raymond Elliott is married to the former Virginia Slaughter of Wildwood, FL. Brother and sister Elliott have four children and nine grandchildren.

Brother Elliott writes:

Hello Louis, I am very humbled at your request. Of course you may use my articles in the April issue of the GGO. ...I resigned from a small congregation at the end of 2005. I am now engaged in fill-in work and gospel meetings, etc. During 2006 I had 41 speaking engagements and 4 gospel meetings so you can see I have not really 'retired' from preaching. I am enjoying preaching, teaching and writing without the strain and stress of a 'local work.'  Virginia and I are living on less money but we do have our social security and some monies coming from our IRAs, plus what I earn from preaching appointments. God has been good to us inasmuch that we have our own house after living in brethren's houses for most of our lives. Virginia and I will be 72 years of age this spring, the Lord willing. She has more health problems than me. I have enjoyed deer hunting this season. I love to be in the woods and enjoy nature even if I don't harvest a deer; however, I must say that I have had 3 deer to get in the path of my shooting my rifle while being in the woods. I thank you for your kindness and I pray that God will continue to bless your efforts and labors in His kingdom. Your brother in Jesus, RaymondImage

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