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 Vol. 8, No. 9 

September 2006

~ Page 17 ~

Are You a Good Passenger?

By E. Dean Kelly

Image I like to be the driver most of the time when I am going somewhere. If I am tired, or not feeling well, or there is some matter of convenience that means that I need to be a passenger, of course, I will willingly do so. But I am not sure I am a good one. My oldest son is 27 and has been driving for 11 years. Still, when I am in the car with him, I find myself telling him how to drive. My wife is older than he is (thought I was going to tell didn't you), and has been driving longer, also. Yet, sometimes I find myself wanting to give her instructions as we ride along. Speaking of my wife and children, I kid them that they are trying to constantly put on the brakes when I am driving. They are just sure I am going to plow into whoever or whatever is ahead of us.

I have thought about it quite often. You know what makes us "bad" passengers? It is the fact that we are not in control. When I am driving I know where I am going to turn, and I know that I have seen the semi in front of us and that I am going to stop. I have the steering wheel in my hand, and I am in control (or at least I think I am).

Over the years I have seen a bumper sticker that reads something along the lines of "God is my co-pilot." I know what the bumper sticker writer meant, and the one who placed it on the bumper. However, I really believe that there is a problem with it. I think that it makes it look like I think that I am the pilot. I may be at the wheel of the vehicle, but God had better be the Pilot. He is the One in charge.

Too often in our lives we want to be the driver and not a passenger. No, I don't mean that we should sit back and not be actively involved in doing and living. God is not going to do it for us! I do mean, however, that we need to put our lives into the hands of God. We need to look to him as the Pilot, and the Guide of our everyday existence. It is a matter of attitude. When things do seem to be awry in our lives, when we seem to be spinning out of control, if we are the one in charge, if we are the driver, then we are in trouble. However, if we know that God is in control, that God will make it all to work out for our good (Romans 8:28), then we can make it through.

We have to allow God to be the Pilot on the straight, easy roads of our lives. Then when the rains and snows and storms come, and the road ahead is treacherous and terrifying, we can relax and go on carefully ahead--because God is in the driver's seat of our lives. Is God your Pilot, and are you a good passenger?Image

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