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 Vol. 7, No. 10 

October 2005

~ Page 15 ~

Image Teach Me, Lord

By Hugo McCord

In Lois' Bible she had glued a selected piece:

Teach me, my Lord, to be sweet and gentle in all the events of life--
In disappointments,
In the thoughtlessness of others,
In the insincerity of those I trusted,
In the unfaithfulness of those on whom I relied.
Let me put aside myself,
To think of the happiness of others,
To hide my little pains and heartaches,
So that I may be the only one to suffer from them.
Teach me to profit by the suffering that comes across my path.
Let me so use it that it may mellow me, not harden nor embitter me.
That it may make me patient, not irritable.
That it may make me broad in my forgiveness, not narrow,
haughty, and overbearing.
May no one be less good for having come within my influence,
No one less pure, less true, less kind, less noble for having
been a fellow-traveler with me in our journey toward eternal life.Image

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