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 Vol. 7, No. 11 

November 2005

~ Page 11 ~

Image Super Christian

By Jay Launius

Yesterday, I was sitting in my office at work along with the two other fellas, and we were visiting with each other trying to help a rather slow day pass by a little faster. As we were talking, the lady that works for the janitorial service came in to empty our wastebaskets. This lady is always friendly, and we all exchange pleasantries each time she comes by. My office partner asked where she'd been because he'd hadn't seen her around for a week or two. She said that she'd been at the hospital with her husband. As she said that, I thought to myself, "Here's an opportunity to let my light shine just a little bit," so I asked her if he was all right. She turned to me and said rather reluctantly, "No not really, they're only giving him six months to live." There was silence, and then all I could come up with was, "I'm sorry."

She said, "Oh well, that's just part of it, but thanks anyway," and she turned and walked out the door. After she left, we all sat there without saying a word. Have you ever been hit in the stomach real hard? That's what it felt like. Here I was ready to be "Super Christian" and show some genuine concern for my fellowman, and then when my chance came, I could only mumble two measly words.

Jesus said that the person who would be the greatest is the person who thinks of himself in a humble manner (Matthew 18:1-4). When you begin to think that you've got being a Christian down pat, watch out! A humbling experience may be right around the corner.Image

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