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 Vol. 7, No. 2 

February 2005

~ Page 9 ~

Decisions Determine Destiny

By Ernest S. Underwood

Image It seems that many times people feel that what they do today will have no bearing on what will happen to them tomorrow. Somewhere along the line, we have forgotten the principle of sowing and reaping. Even at this time of the year, we are reminded of a decision that was made in the political circles of the nation of Japan many years ago. As a result of that decision, the world was cast into a war of worldwide proportions. Many who read this article were vastly affected by that decision. When one makes a decision to get married, there is a great change in his or her life. When this person then decides to whom they will get married, even more change takes place. These decisions affect this person for the rest of his life, and can well affect his eternal destiny.

Another vital decision each accountable person must make is whether to become a child of God or not. Of course, anyone familiar with the Word of God knows that in order to become that child of God the Gospel must be obeyed. This involves hearing the Word of God, believing that word (faith), repenting of one's sins, making the "Good Confession," and being baptized for the remission of sins. When one accomplishes all of these things, he is delivered "from the power of darkness, and translated...into the into the kingdom of his dear Son" (Colossians 1:13). He is now forgiven of all past sins, and as a member of the precious body of Christ, he has access to the blood that continually cleanses him as he continues to walk in the light of God's Word (cf. I John 1:7). He now has the one hope of Ephesians 4:4, that hope being of the life eternal with God.

The following will illustrate a firsthand example of how decisions determine destiny. Several years ago, a man called his friend. (This friend had been talking to the man about his soul and encouraging him to obey the Gospel so that he could be a Christian.) In that call, the man who was called, told his friend that he wanted to be baptized, and asked if the friend would contact the preacher and have him meet him at the church building. We met and we had the privilege of baptizing both the man and his wife, though the friend could just have easily done the actual baptizing. That couple was at the services of the church each time the doors were open. I well remember one of those Sundays. We had pleasant conversation with the couple. Late Monday evening the man was rushed to hospital where he died shortly thereafter. Here was a man who three months previously had no hope of eternal life with God; however, he made a decision to obey the Gospel. Look how that decision affected his eternal destiny! As you contemplate this example, read Ephesians 2:12, and then verse 13. "But now..." -- such comforting words!

There are some who read this who even yet have no hope because they have never obeyed the Gospel. Are you, my friend, ready to be ushered out into eternity in your present condition? Do you say that you yet have so much time left? Do any of us suppose that as this man sat listening to the lesson on that Sunday, he thought it would be his last time to assemble with the saints? About two months prior he had made a good decision -- it changed his destiny. How about you? What is your present destiny? If you need to make a decision, will you do it today?Image

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