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 Vol. 5, No. 3 

March 2003

~ Page 9 ~

The Human Mind

By D. Gene West

Image For many years now we have been hearing, from those attempting to raise funds for the education of certain persons in this country, that "a human mind is a terrible thing to waste." Few things which have come from the uninspired minds of men could be more true than that. It is a terrible thing to waste a human mind! Furthermore, it makes no difference what color the body in which the mind resides may be, it is a horrific thing to allow a human mind to be unchallenged and uneducated.

Yet, as we look upon the state of education in the western world today, there are many, many areas in which the minds of millions of people are being wasted even while they are in school because there are strong organizations who have decided that they are not going to educate your children and mine, but they are going to brain-wash them. So, they teach little children, who are very likely to respond positively to anything a teacher says since these teachers hold a place of authority, that they are nothing more than the descendants of monkeys, rats or some other specie of animal. They teach this in spite of the fact that there is not one single solitary fact to sustain their claims. As a matter of fact, all the facts point out that human beings are a totally unique kind of specie dwelling upon this earth. But many in these powerful organizations want your children to believe that they are nothing more than little animals of some sort, and then they scream foul when a child conducts himself as such!

If human beings are nothing more than evolved apes, rats or something else, why should we not do what we please with impunity? Why should we not kill our fellow students in school? After all chimps do this, and we are just a higher order of chimp. Chimps kill and cannibalize their neighbors. They are very blood thirsty, and if we are their descendants, why should we not be just as blood thirsty as they? If someone gets in our way, why not kill them, or run them over or otherwise destroy them, after all those from whom we have descended do that and they do it with impunity! If man is just a step above the apes, and what we do is the natural result of our evolution, then the prisons of this land should be emptied immediately, all law enforcement should be stopped and the rule of the jungle should prevail.

However, there is another side to this story, and it is the truly reasonable one, and the one to which we should give attention. This side of the story says that man was created a little lower than the angels, and not that he evolved a little above the apes. This story makes man accountable to God for the way he lives on this earth, for the things which he does in his relationships with other people and with God. If we are created a little lower than the angels and have been crowned with glory and honor, then we are responsible to live lives that are glorious and honorable! However, if we are the offspring of apes, we should live according to the law of the jungle from which we came. There is no other road which we can take.

We are allowing communist organizations such as the ACLU try cases in our courts, and through the deception which they use, dupe thousands of judges into ruling in ways that actually violate, not only the Constitution of the US, but all the laws of decent behavior given by God and man. This has probably gone to the point of no return now, but these people want to do away with the part of the Constitution that grants freedom of religion in this country, and they want this country to be free from religion. Watch for future "legal" persecution at the hands of these apes, because we fear that those of us who are a little lower than the angels are going to be hearing from them.

Yes, it is a terrible thing to waste a human mind, but even as this article is being written, millions of these minds are being wasted because they are being filled with all kinds of garbage! Life is somewhat like a computer, if it is "garbage in," it will be "garbage out." That is the only possible thing that it can be, and we should not be amazed when the garbage comes out in all sorts of crimes against humanity, for after all, according to the current thought, they are only animals who are getting in the way of other animals! "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord," because we do not like going where the servants of the apes are going! I do not like living on the planet of the apes!Image

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