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 Vol. 3, No. 4 

Page 5

April, 2001

External Evidences

Scientific Truths in His Word

By David P. Everson

fallen log There is indeed no one among us today who would say that God's inspired Word, the Bible, was given to us as a textbook on scientific principles. It is a record of God's dealings with man and our guidebook to eternal life. But, we should also not discount that as the Creator of the universe, when God comments about the physical world that, indeed, what he has said would be proven true by scientific standards. Many of these truths went against the popular "scientific facts" (opinions) of the time and were not proven to be true by fallible man for centuries after God first had them written. In this article, I would like to point out just a few of these truths that are revealed in God's Word. These truths should help reinforce our faith and help us to convince others that, indeed, there is a God!

We begin in the Book of Genesis, Chapter One, where God commands that all living things should, "Bring forth…after his kind." This marvelous pearl of wisdom and scientific truth was not realized by modern man until the 1850's when the great geneticist Gregor Mendel studies the reproduction in garden peas. Even when this work was done and it was proved that all things can only reproduce living things like themselves, the popular scientists of his day rejected the significance of this great truth. Gregor Mendel died not knowing he would be called the "Father of Modern Genetics." Gregor Mendel may have described the mechanism, but God designed and revealed it several thousand years earlier!

Turning to the Book of Leviticus, we see a couple of amazing truths. In 17:11, it says this: "For the life of the flesh is in the blood." Blood is vital for life. Doctors and scientists today study this marvelous substance in great detail to learn better how it works and to make mankind healthier. But, the wisdom of man has not always agreed with God on this important fact. Blood was considered to be, more often than not, the problem when illness occurred. So, many times, it was taken out, because there was "too much," or it was "bad." Bloodletting as a treatment for almost anything continued until the early 1900's. Today, the important truth revealed by God so long ago also is now the wisdom of man.

Then, in many other references in the Book of Leviticus, God gives instructions and warnings about another long ignored scientific truth, bacterial infection and sanitation. God's laws to the Israelites about clean and unclean animals, how to avoid disease by isolation and washing, helped them to stay healthy and therefore do the will of God. These important truths known by all civilized peoples are vital factors in extended lifespan and general well being. The scientific wisdom of God the Creator told to mankind so long ago, can be found in the modern hospital operating rooms of the 21st century after being ignored and laughed at for hundreds of years by scientists!

Over and over again, we see the scientific truths revealed by God the creator. Space will not allow a detailed account of all of these. Here is a list of others that will fortify our faith in the God of the universe.

Truth Revealed


Opinion of Mortal Man

Circle of the earth

Isa. 40:22

Flat earth

Stars uncountable

Gen. 15:5; Jer. 33:32        

1024 stars

Paths in the sea

Psa. 8:8

Never imagined

Lightning & rain connected

Job 38:25-26

No connection

Empty in North sky

Job 26:7

Stars even all over

Gravity supports the earth

Job 26:7

Atlas holding earth

Seed of man in male & female        

Gen. 3:15

Woman just an incubator

Four corners of earth

Isa. 11:12

Magnetic pull not imagined

Surgery possible

Gen. 2:21

Cutting into body evil

Genetic breeding traits

Exod. 30:27ff

No way to control traits

Foundations of earth

Isa. 51:13

Structure of earth simple

Indeed, we could go on and on, but these few should be enough to see that God is the Creator! As the Psalmist has said, "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork" (Psalm 19:1).

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