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 Vol. 2, No. 9                                        Page 5                                        September, 2000

External Evidences

And God Created After His Kind

By David P. Everson

fallen log In verse 11 of the first chapter of Genesis, God after separating the dry land from the water, now set about to create the first living thing. The plants -- herbs, trees and grass are created by God. With the plants God creates the first of his many successful living things, and in each case they are given a command that they have obeyed to this day. That command was for the "earth to bring forth abundantly . . . after his kind." The truthfulness of this command in the world today is absolutely absolute. Every living thing obeys it; let's look at the science behind God's design.

When God designed all things they were given a blueprint which carries the instructions for their makeup, from the structure of a single cell, to the tissues, organs and organ systems that make up the organism. This blueprint we now know is carried in a very unique and powerful chemical called DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid. All living things have the same chemical structure to their DNA, they simply have a different arrangement of the parts that make it up. This powerful chemical gives the instructions for the plants, from the mightiest oak tree to the smallest algae, and the instructions for the majestic whales down to the smallest worm and also for man. In order to give a concept for how powerful this chemical is, think about this. If all the instructions carried in a single human DNA cell were encoded and typed into print this size, it would take 1,000 books each containing 500 pages to hold all of the instructions. And yet this powerful structure can be folded and condensed into a small enough package that it will fit into the nucleus of a cell that is not visible to the naked eye. It is a self replicating, self checking and self correcting structure. When it operates as God designed it, it will faithfully make exact copies of itself every time, and in each living thing that must be done billions of times. Indeed marvelous is our God.

But let's get back to "after his kind" -- with these spoken words, God guaranteed that each living thing would have the ability to continue its existence. When we look at the world around us that is exactly what we see, apple trees produce apple seeds, dogs giving birth to dogs, mice to mice and humans to human offspring. This fact of biology is the basis for the science of Genetics. We do not see fish giving birth to salamanders, or lizards giving birth to birds, or monkey-like creatures giving birth to human babies. It just does not happen. Yet the atheistic scientific community holds devoutly to the concept of organic evolution. The DNA of living things is just too powerful to allow this type of error to occur. If a mistake does occur in the copying process, the correction mechanism finds it and fixes it. If something happens to this correction mechanism, and it can, it is called a mutation. These mutations many times cause death, sometimes by cancer, or organ failure and they are certainly not helpful. Yet this is the best mechanism that the atheist has for getting the billions and billions of changes that are needed in his scheme of how life got here.

When we see in the creation around us the evidence of the commands God has given, we should be humbled to acknowledge that God is the Creator. Indeed we should praise the Lord for "marvelous are thy works and that my soul knoweth well right" (Psalms 119:14).

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