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Thanks so much for the GG. Your work is highly esteemed by those of us who drink deeply from the well of His treasured word. ~ Evangelist RLJOHNSON

DO NOT even breathe a word about discontinuing GGO. WE NEED you. ~ Lloyd D. Ellison

Dear beloved brother, Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is SAGANTY LAZARUS, working as a Preacher in Surya nagar colony church of Christ, Old-alwal,sec-bad, A.P., INDIA. ... I have seen some details of your magazine Gospel gazette on INTERNET and studied some of the articles and I really amazed to see how strictly your articles abide with the Truth of the Word and it encouraged me a lot to send this mail to you. Some of your articles are wonderful and topics are scriptural. Iam really thankful to God for your hard work in Gospel.

I want to thank you for the excellent article entitled "How could it happen?" that you wrote in the current Gospel Gazette. You have expressed the opinion of many (if not all) of the members of our congregation here at the Mt. View Ave. Church of Christ in San Bernardino, CA. I will not go into any discussion on the subject other than to say that I agree and hope that with the prayers of all the saints that people will start taking God and His word more seriously. Thanks again and please keep the program going. I have used some of your articles as mini-sermons. Good luck and may God bless your efforts. Sincerely, yours in Christ, Leland J. Wolf

First let me commend you on the great work you all are doing. ... This note is to simply thankyou for your insight and Biblical refrences. Thankyou and may God Bless.  ~ Richard Morse

Please put me on your list. I have enjoyed reading your paper very much.

dear brother rushmore. thank you so much for all the good information. it is just what i needed. ...pray that you are having a good day, and that God will bless you in the good work you are doing for the Lord. a sister in Christ, zella Bluthardt

Dear Friends Thank you for the information. God Bless ~ Zeke

This still done by our friends in Cameron WV. I recommend same for your consideration. ~ Grumps [one reader advising his address book of Gospel Gazette Online; thanks]

Hi, just visited this page at www.gospelgazette.com and wanted to share it with you... ~ Charles Morgan III [another reader advising his address book of Gospel Gazette Online; thanks again]

... I believe your articles would be beneficial to our brethren at the Antioch church of Christ in Manchester, TN. In Christ, Robert Lukenbill

Thank you for sending the Gospel Gazette Online. You do a wonderful job. Although I have not read every article, the ones I have are great. This is a wonderful way to save on paper and postage! ~ Glenn A. Jobe

I would like to receive the gospel gazette over the internet. It looks like a good journal. ~ Mark Phillips

Please keep up all the great work you are doing.Just love everyone at the W V Sch of Preaching.I have been communicating a lot with Bro West lately and

Hi...My name is John Gibson and I am from North Carolina. I often read the Gospel Gazette ... I appreciate the work you are doing on the Web...

Dear Mr. Rushmore, ... I personally refer to this often, and have used it for reference in sunday school class and for other issues that often need another point of view. I belong to the Church of Christ, and value this publcation. Thank you, Mark H.

Please change my email address from ************* to **************. Thank you. The old address will no longer be in use. I want to continue to receive the GGO God bless you all! ~ Darrell Simon

Louis and Bonnie, Never got around to "subscribing" to GGO till now. Site looks great, keep up the good work. ~ Rick

I am a"tent maker" preacher for a small congregation (about 15 -20) and Besides the weekly sermons and bible lessons I try to put out a small bulletin to the members and guest. I enjoy reading the Gospel Gazette and wonder if it would be permissible to include some of your articles in these bulletins (of course with full credit to the paper and the author) Please let me know. In His name, David, Laurel, Mississippi

I just found the Gospel Gazette and have been reading with a great deal of joy. You do a wonderful job, and are to be commended for the work you're doing for the Lord. I also found several articles by you that I'd like to use, if you don't mind. ~ Jeanetta Watkins. Adamsville, AL

i heard about you through a friend at church. would very muh like to recieve your magazine. need something that speaks the truth. thank you very much.

thanks, appreciate your good work in the kingdom...keep on, allen webster

Thank You so much for the Gospel Gazette Online. ... Thank You again for all you do and the Church there. Marcylee Ludwig, La Vernia, TX

A Brother in Christ sent me a copy of GGO and I find it very Edifying to read , please put my name on your list to notify. Thank you, Jack D. Vanover [min], Lyles Church of Christ, Lyles Tenn

You are a fool. Your word's are false and your knowledge of scripture (authentic) and church History is 20th century garbage. ~ Jeff Vaughn [Some of his other remarks are not fit for polite society.]

I pray that God will continue to bless you in this tremendous work. In Christian fellowship. Richard Parsons

May God keep your light shining brightly so that others may come to the knowledge of our lord Jesus Christ. Thankyou, Rick Morse

Brother Rushmore, thank you for the beautiful words I receive from the gazette, God bless, Linda Dale Hunter

Hello: I am excited to hear about your journal. Please subscibe me to it. I have preached for over 20 years and taught at Christian school for a few years. I currently work as a therapist at a mental health center and attend the Milford Heights church of Christ. Mark Phillips. Pleasant Plain OH

The G/G Arcvhives has great resource material for this great work. ~ Lloyd D Ellison

I always gain spiritual insight from the answers you provide to my questions. ~ Marilyn LaStrape

I learned about your web site through The World Evangelist Looking forward to each issue. Roy Lee, Evansville In

I am a fan of your publication. ~ Robert A. Caskey II

Greetings.....My name is John Gibson and I am a member of the South Wake Church of Christ in Garner, North Carolina. You are doing a great job with the Gospel Gazette and I enjoy reading the articles. Our congregation is a small one (about 30 members) and I produce the bulletin for them. Is it acceptable to copy your articles and reprint them in our bulletin? I appreciate your time and please keep up the great work!!!

Dear Bro Rushmore, I am so grateful to God, like the rest, for your exhaustive information on the Word of God. The reason why your works stand out from the rest is because of your continual and persistent references to the Bible in their explanations. This shows how much you revered and how well you handled God's Word, using the Bible, which is the inspiration of God, as the only authority, making sure there is no deviation from His Word. I would be downloading some articles for group discussions. Thank you! ~ Li, Church of Christ, Singapore

Thank you for your help and for your courage in exposing the sins of Romanism (see Revelation 18:1-4). Sincerely, David Plaisted

Dear Brother Rushmore, Please put me on your list of subscribers to the Gospel Gazette. I am a member of the Lord's church, located in Massillon, OH., and am looking forward to receiving this. Is there a printed version available on a subscription also? Thank you! Your sister in Him, Linda Marshall

Bro. Rushmore, What you have contributed to the spread of the Gospel can only be known in the mind of God. ~ Al Lawson

I enjoy reading many of your articles in the Gospel Gazette Online. I am writing to request to occasionally publish some of your articles on my personal website ~ Randy & Michelle McClure

Good day sir, greenting in the name of our lord jesus christ . thank yu for the good work yu are doing for God. I pray that God will richly bless yu Amen. Sir, i am subcribing for yr monthly magazine and books , which i know it will help me alot. I will be very happy to hearing fr yu. Thanks. Evangelist. Joe Momodu

And continued thanks for the good work you are doing. Sincerely, Brad Harrub

thank you for the free subscription. i was very impressed with you thoughts on leaven article. The church of christ in Monticello fla is doing well. Thanks again !

To Gazette staff  I would like to subscribe to the Gospel Gazette. I have read some of the work your doing and find it very benificial. Thank you ~ Tim Durant

I am currently working in the winter in Antarctica and it is a wonderful time to be away from the hustle of the world and focus on prayer, communion with believers, and study of scripture. I am far from a Bible scholar, but I have read the Bible through 3 or 4 times and am participating in a correspondence 4 year Bible school from a conservative, evangelical Bible Institute. We also have a small, but active Christian community here with worship and Bible studies ongoing. I have a question about the article in your Gospel Gazette...Valerie L. Schaffner, McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Hello brother Louis, I have been reading the various articles in the May issue of the Gospel Gazette. I am impressed with the quality of the various articles. You are very kind to use my writings. ... May God continue to bless your labors of love. In Christian love, Raymond Elliott

Dear Louis, Thank you for helping me out. I really appreciate you feedback a lot. Your friend, Paul Fedko

please put me in your subscription. i am mozell house i preach for the west humboldt c.o.c.i really enjoy your online subscription. humboldt, tn

Louis, Thank you so very much for the subscription. Although it has been several years since I have heard or read your writings, I look forward to reading whatever you may send me. ... Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon. ... I really enjoyed browsing around the site. I look forward to checking out any new readings and information. Keep up the good work! Thanks Again! Brad Rager, Greenwood Village, CO

I would like to get permission to use one of your articles, "Searching for Easter" by Dennis Gulledge (April, 2002), in an upcoming front page bulletin article for Great Oaks Church of Christ (Memphis, TN). I will be sure and reference your website as well as the date and author. Please email me back and let me know if this is alright. Thank you so much. ~ Debbie Meek, church secretary

First, thank you so much for providing the service that you do - I always enjoy reading the gazettes!!! ~ Bernice Rabin

We extend our love and greetings to you and your family in the most holy name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, from India. Hope and pray this letter finds you are well and able to enjoy the blessings of our Lord. It is a privilege to contact you through this letter. We sincerely appreciate your labors in upholding the truth, and getting into many others. It has eternal consequence. It is our prayer that God will grant you much success in your efforts. I have been an evangelist for many years and heralding the N.T church truth in the populous nation of 900 million Hindus. There is so much opposition from various denominations and persecution from Hindus, yet we rejoice to proclaim the gospel and especially the truth concerning the N.T. church.    i am very much interested to translate some of your tracts in to our TELUGU language which is very essential to us for the gospel here with the authority of word of God to face the denominations here ... we continue to pray for you and your labors, we need your prayers and encouragement more and more. in His service, NATY SAINT GOOTAM, India

Brother Rushmore, I know you are extremely busy and I appreciate all you do ! ~ Roy Williams

Hello brethren, I would appreciate receiving this periodical. Thank you for your labor of love. Brotherly, Raymond Elliott, Fort Deposit, AL

Brother, In the September 2002 issue you addressed a question on "Eating in the Church Building." You answered the question very well. I had the opportunity to study this subject as I was preparing a manuscript for a lectureship. The arguments that are made for the prohibition of eating in the building are weak and inconsistent, in my opinion. ... Thanks for your labors in the kingdom. ~ Richard Mansel

Bro. Rushmore, Our payers will be with you as you work for the Lord. I appreciate your labor and the work you put into teaching the truth. Yours in Christ, Stan Achilles Old Main church of Christ Newton Ks

Please add my name to your subscription list. I just became aware of your site, and it looks really good. Yours in Christ, Janie Craun

Louis, Just wanted to say I enjoy reading well reasoned articles and this one is as fine as it gets. No matter where a person might be regarding this subject, there isn't much one could say against your article. Thanks, Brother. God bless you and yours. Charles Morgan III

My husband and I have enjoyed your monthly magazine for many months now... Thank you again for your magazine and your time. Have a great day and God bless. Sincerely, Karen Skirpan

You are doing a very good work for the Lord. Keep it up. ~ James C. Davies

Thank you so much for your insightful response. What you wrote is basically what I suspected to be true, but I couldn't find the Scriptures on my own. Thank you again and may God bless your ministry. ~ Cathy R. Davis

The computer is new to us. We are amazed at the beautiful information we are able to read and copy on your web site. May God bless you for your work. Gary and Rose Boling

Dear brother Louis Rushmore: I appreciated your good work in the Gospel Gazette. It is wonderful to view the articles so much and they are very useful to me as an evangelist. Thank you and I encourage you to keep up. ... In Christ Jesus our Lord. Krishna Gopal Khadgee, Nepal

Thanks for your all lectures I have got. They are good one.Sometimes I use some of it for teaching the ladies and men in the Bible class in Cambodia. And Hello to all. God bless you! Love In Christ Jesus, Wannak Hun, Cambodia

please put me in your free subscription publication. Thank you for the truth. ~ the Colemans

Hello, I enjoy subscribing to the gospel gazette online. The articles are very good. Yours sincerely, Ed Van Alstine

I came upon your website as I surfed the internet for reliable information on the subject item. I wanted to compare the truth, which you have so accurately articulated, with the current archeological discovery. What do you think about the discovery? In the meanwhile be encouraged to use the internet to proclaim the Gospel of Christ. May the Lord bless this work abundantly. ~ Lawrence Wells

Please add my e-mail to your list of subscribers to GGO. A dear friend in Alabama, Nancy Levingston at the Double Springs church of Christ, introduced me to your site. As she told me, it is fabulous. God bless you in your continued work and outreach with your site. I plan to forward your site to other Christians both where I live and away. Sincerely, Paula West

enjoyed your site, copied some material, seems interesting. looked at the plan of salvation and found it to be what was preached at pentecost. thanks ~ Douglas Soileau

Dear Louis, I just saw your article on "Henchmen" in the current issue of Therefore Stand. Excellent! Thank you, brother, for the superior work you do. With love and respect, Wayne Jackson

please send us through the mail your correspondece course.

Dear Louis, Greetings from South America! I found your website via google looking for an interpretation of the parable of the net. Of all the pages, yours was most helpful - THANKS very much! ~ Tony Somervell, Paraguay

Brother Rushmore,I am truly enjoying the readings bless you and pray for the small congregation in Menlo,Ga. I enjoy this so much and am trying to share it with as many people as I can,sincerely,Linda Dale Hogg Hunter

Again, I've recently found the GGO to be especially helpful on issues that keep cropping up. Your straightforward addressing of non-institutional issues, etc. is very good and hard to find anywhere else. ... The Gospel Gazette is one of the most helpful resources of which I know! Thank you for your work. ~ Andrew J. Robison

I enjoy your publication and use the information frequently in my teaching. In Christ, Benny E. Acock

Dear brother Rushmore, I visit your website frequently and am ever amazed at the accumulation of excellent articles that you have archived. I thank God for your efforts and I thank you for previously giving me permission to reprint some of yout items in my bi-weekly ezine. Sometimes I fear that I have become too confident in your site. If I get a question on my mind, I am inclined to come to this site to resolve it. ... Thanks again for such a wonderful site for the brotherhood and God bless your work. ~ Joel Hendon

I really enjoy the learning experience that i get from the gospel gaxette, keep up the good work. ~ Bill Brown, Wichita  Ks

We are going to have a 10' outside booth at the Ancaster Fair, Sept. 20, 21, 22, 2002. ... A number of our members will share their time at the booth. We intend to have Bible tracts available, perhaps a Bible Quiz, and I think it would be great to have the GGO business cards available.  Our planning committee is to meet this coming Wednesday to put some of our ideas together. I do know the GGO business cards will be a good item for the public. The Ancaster Fair is drawing on a population of approximately 500,000 persons. I suppose the crowds should reach 10,000 daily. Ancaster is in the South = West corner of metropolitan Hamilton. Since it is a Fair, there will be plenty of Craft Tables, food displays and some farm displays. 500 GGO business cards and bookmarks should suffice. We will also be offering Bible tracts and Bible correspondence courses (John M. Hurt). Our booth will have a male and female person behind our 10' X 4' table to talk with people, answer questions and prayerfully sow the Seed of Truth. Thank you very much for allowing us to share your excellent web site with others. In Him, Ed  Van Alstine, Hamilton, ON

...keep up your good work. ~ Rocky Bemis, member of North Valley Baptist Church in Redding, California

I just wanted to let you know, I use you material from the monthly news letters for my adult sunday school class. many of the articles adds to, and greatly helps when i'm looking for material. I just want to say, thanks, and I look forward each month for the new letters. You have a great staff, and I want to pat all of you on the back. God bless you for your work, for him, here in his kingdom here on earth. Till he returns, in christian love. ~ Bill Suffel

Mr. Rushmore, I just wanted to thank you for the great web site. I look forward to it each month. It is good to see modern technology being used to glorify God. May God grant unto you the strength, knowledge and wisdom to continue this tremendous work. Thank you. In Christian fellowship, Richard Parsons

Louis, My good friend and brother, Mike Benson, sent me e-mail informing me that you published one of my articles, "A Wasted Life." This article was a serious matter and true story that we confronted while laboring in Laurel, MS, a number of years. Thanks again for publishing it and congratulations on the good work you are doing with the Gospel Gazette. ~ Bob Spurlin

Hello, Friendship with the world is a great article and very helpful for practisioners. What you have written is very true indeed. ~ J Davies

Brother Louis, The Gospel Gazette looks good. Thanks, Justin Odom

Caught your web sight, enjoying it. ~ Luetta Dickey

Dear brother Rushmore, My husband is Gary McDade, the minister for the Getwell church of Christ in Memphis, TN. We were going through our mail last night and I read an article you wrote entitled "The Crucifix." It was so well written. I have been amazed at the ignorance in regard to this subject among members of the church in recent years. Do you mind if your article is reprinted in bulletins . . . because I'd like to recommend it. When I have more time I plan on getting on your gospelgazette.com site and reading more of your material. You are an excellent writer. ~ Sheila McDade

Bro. Rushmore, I've been enjoying your publication for the past several months and have really liked the style of teaching that I find in the articles of the Gospel Gazette. ~ Marvin Towell

Brother Rushmore, Thank you very much for your reply.  Your explanation of 1 Cor. 11:22,34 is very well stated.  I had already reached some of the same conclusions that you have, but it is always good to hear the views of someone else for clarification.  Also, the historical information regarding the erection of edifices will be of great help. Keep up your good work.  May God bless. ~ Bruce Stulting

Dear Louis: I did something this evening that I've intended to do for a long time. I went to your website and did a little browsing.  I wish to compliment you and Bonnie on the fine production.  I plan to use it freely, and have recommended it to my fellow elder and one of the deacons. Best wishes.  May God bless you all. Your brother in Christ, Don Cooper

Dear Louis, We appreciate the good work you do and pray for your continued success. I appreciate the articles you have written for the paper. Sincerely in Christ, Albert Farley, Editor, West Virginia Christian

Dear Rushmore, May Christ grace, love and mercy be upon you and your family. I saw your Teaching entitled "Candace Queen of the Ethiopians" on the World Evangelist Magazine of June, 2002. It was an interesting message with alots of Admonisions. May God bless you and keep you up in writing more than this is Jesus name... Remain blessed with your and  children in Jesus name Amen. Your brother in Christ, Bro. Paul E. Elson, Nigeria.

I have encountered your site for the first time today and must tell you I am impressed both by the quality of site presentation and the quality and substance of the material that I have read. ... May God bless you all of those who work with you in your effort to "rightly divide the Word of Truth." ~ Paul Dennis

Hello! I am the webmaster for a few coon hunter web sites. I am doing one for my husbands Coon Club here in Middle TN. My husband and myself are Christians and I would love to have a few links concerning Coon Hunters for Christ, or Christian Coon Hunters. I would like to link to this page from our site if that would be ok. I wanted to ask permission before i put the link. Please let me know if i can add this. Sincerely and God Bless! Lynn

thank you for your time i have enjoyed your website

Greetings to all the saints in christ Jeus, in the church including elders,deacons and preachers from your brother and sisterly in India. We belive that God is blessing you all in the work and service in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus christ. ~ katta  kondalu, church of Christ, Andhra Pradseh, India

Brother Louis, Thanks for taking the time to teach me further. Your answer is a great help. Your friend in Christ, David M. Franklin, Greenwood, MS

I personally believe that if there is a god, whether Christian or not, he would be above the differences. I think that he would even accept athiests into heaven, as long as they have been good people. Ofter religious people take for granted the fact that beeing a good person takes affect on whether or not you go to heaven. I see no reason for god to punish me in any way if I have not sinned. So what if I do not believe in him? Isn't that somewhat self centered? My theory of god, is that if he does exist, hes image of you rests upon you as a person, rather than your religious beliefs. By the way, you are a fine writer. Joe Kramer-Miller

Brother Rushmore: Your answer to the question, "What is the cup?" is very good. The scripture is very clear in showing what the cup refers to. You have done an excellent job responding to this question. You have a very good web site. It is good to see this technology being used to glorify God. May God bless you all in your labors.  Thank you. In Christian fellowship, Richard Parsons

THANKS AND GOD BLESS. ~ Andre R. Norwood

THANK YOU! [no name]

Bro. Rushmore, Please continue to send me the information. I really do like your website and too, hope that God will bless you and yours in all you do for Jesus and his cause. I am thankful to God for people like you and pray that you will enjoy a  long life so you can continue to help people like me. Thanks again, Al Lawson, Warners Chapel Church of Christ, Clemmons, NC

Nice website. Please include me in your mailing list. ~ Dr.Fritz M.Cobrado

Dear Louis, Thank you so much for the copy of your book, Preaching the Whole Counsel of God.  What a blessing this volume will be to our brotherhood. I continue to appreciate the great good that you are doing in so many areas. May the Lord continue to bless your labors. ~ Wayne Jackson, Stockton, CA

I am the minister of the Twin City Church of Christ, located in West Helena, AR. I would really appreciate receiving your publication. Thanks, William Coates

I would like to subscribe to the "Gospel Gazette Online." Please keep up this good work.  Sincerely, yours in Christ, Howard Fawcett, Portland, Texas

I will be glad to get the Gospel Gazette on line. Keep up the good work, I know you will do a great job!!!! Norma Cost

I would like to start getting the Gospel Gazette online. I am a minister for the Chruch of Christ in Fargo, ND. In His Service, David Holmes

Brother, I enjoy your article it is one of the excellent ones. Keep it up. God bless you. With lots of love, Krishna Gopal Khadgee

Bro. Rushmore, I would like to order your book entitled Beverage Alcohol. ... I would also like to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the articles I have read on this website. They have served as great comfort to me in times of destress when it seems that so many within the church are falling prey to liberial trains of thought concerning the Scriptures. I have found the articles I have read thus far to be extremely sound and wholeheartedly agree with your answer to a previous email I sent you concerning the use of comtemporary Christian music and acts of worship at times other than the Lord's Day. I would also like to inquire as to your availability to hold Gospel Meetings. ... Keep up the great work and may God bless you in his service! ~ Rayford Henderson, Fort Payne, AL

Dear Sir, Please do send me free Bible Correspondence Course in English. If you have than please do send me some Christian growth books and booklets by post only. Thank you, Gaurav Dhwaj khadka, Kathmandu, Nepal

Louis, I am enjoying every issue of the Gospel Gazette.  Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless the work you are doing. ~ Glenn Hawkins

Dear Brother Rushmore, I just finished reading "Biblical Companions:  Geography, Archaeology & Sacred History".  I found it to be very informative and some of the secular texts that have been found do shed some light on some portions of Scripture. I plan to recommend this book to some friends. I am interested in archaeology as it relates to Scripture. If you produce any other material on this subject or have any recommendations, please let me know. I attend Hatlers' Chapel church of Christ near Dresden TN. If you're ever in our area, feel free to look us up. Sincerely, Teresa Rachels

Good Afternoon, I writing to you for permission to include a copy of you web page " School Daze" by Elizabeth Robinson in a letter I am getting together for the politicians in my state, then a copy to the "White House".  This letter says everything that is in my heart. I too want the Bible back in the schools. I have three grandsons that I worry about daily. Although they are in there teens, and ready to go to college I worry all the time. You see I work for a college and I see and here what is going on and I must say I do not like it. I have two sons that were raised as christians, and in turn they raised there children the same way. I thank God Daily for his being there for all of us. I truly believe that if the Bible was in the classrooms we would not have the trouble we do today. So much sex and violence is in the schools today, we as a nation must do something to change this. Thank you for any help you and give me May God Be With You All ~ Gloria Sunday

Dear Brother, your answer to the question about the use of individual cups or a cup in the distribution of the fruit of the vine was one of the worst I've seen in sometime. ~ Randy Blankenship

Mr. Rushmore, Thank you so much. This info is wonderful!!!! William Taylor

I really appreciate your web site. You have some very good articles posted. I have down loaded some of them for reference material. Keep up the good work, Don H. Noblin, Cardwell, MO

Louis, I just want to say thanks for you insight and time in responding to my questions. Very much appreciated. ~ Jim Taylor

Dear Louis, I continue to appreciate you for your good work. You are a valuable asset in God's kingdom. Your brother, Wayne Jackson

We get "Therefore Stand" at our congregation, that is how I found your web site.  Keep up the good work.

Never had the chance, Louis, to tell you how much I enjoyed your lecture at the WVSOP Lectureship this past year. Your explanation of the difference between miracles and providence was helpful for me. I considered your lecture one of the finest out of the many fine presentations there were this last year. What a feast we had. ~ Charles Morgan III

thank you for the truth ~ Shane Coleman

I really enjoy the Gospel Gazzete

Dear Bro. Rushmore, Please put me on your subscription list.  I'm the preacher at the Deer church of Christ in Deer, Ark.  A brother here sent me a copy of your gazette on my computer. I enjoyed reading the articles. I enjoyed the pure unadulterated truth being taught the most. It seems that this day and age it is so hard to find the truth, when it ain't watered down to some kind a wishy-washy, death bringing mess! ... Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you in this work!!! In Christian love, Kelly Woods

I want to your gazzette ~ kwasi Boateng, Australia

I enjoy reading the ggo. I find the articles to be very uplifting. ... Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Steve Preston, Forest Park church of Christ, Forest Park, GA

Thank you for the site. I took some of the Lessons and use your Links. I am a member of the Church of Christ. WC CHILTON

Hi, how are you? I believe having baptism as part of a "formula" for salvation is heresy. I'm not going to enter into argument with you about this as this does not serve the Lord's purposes, I believe, but only He can show people who hold to such positions that they are wrong.  I've read the term "Campbellites" in Bob Ross and I think it's an apropos description. If you're offended with it, I'd think that's right in the Lord that you are. I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't write me back arguing. Thanks! Also, do you have an e-mail address for Bobby Crenshaw? Thank you. Kind regards ~ Cheryl Dee, Australia

Well after reading many of your articles I finally found you on the net. I appreciate so much your strong yet kind stand for the truth. ~ Joseph D. Chase

good evening kind sir. thank you for another wonderful edition of the gosgaz. i just finished it and it was great. ~ Robert Johnson

I was really surprize to find so much info on your website. Thanks for making this available  to people like me. I dont know what we would do if not for folks like yall who are devoted to helping people understand the true teachings of the Holy Word. I have always enjoy your teaching in the lectureship books that I have read that includes you. I did not know until this week that you had a website. I have been missing out on a lot.  I went to my search engine and pull up your site and thanks to the good Lord for all your efforts. I hope you dont mind if I copy some of those articles cause I like to used them when trying to make a point. Keep up the good work and may God bless you and all that have a part in your work. ~                                       al lawson

Received your site from FCGN.  Read several articles- good!  Nice looking site.  Will send it to elders (I am one) and deacons (in our congregation) who have e-mail. ~ Ed Pearson

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am [name withheld by Editor], a Filipino, an overseas contract worker here in [city withheld by Editor] Saudi Arabia. ... Rest assured that your efforts are included in my prayers and will share GGO to our brethren in the Philippines. In God's guidance, your efforts will not go unfruitful where I am. May God's grace be with you and in the church where you serve.

Please subscribe me to this publication. I have enjoyed this sample of it. Seems to be what we need to help us in this area of the country. ~ Jim Parsley, Columbus, NE

Thanks so much for this service. Sincerely in Christ, Ben Justice

Thank you for your diligent efforts in providing valuable information through the Gospel Gazette Online. ~ Mike Brandt, Newport News, VA

wonderful stuff. great materials for sermon and class development.

I look forward to receiving your good publication. Sincerely, Bobbie Gelpi

Thanks for all you do in His name! Sincerely, Brad Harrub, Ph.D., Director of Scientific Information, Apologetics Press

Thank you for the article on christians belonging to the local ministerial associations. It is a great work and I am including it in the bulletin for  tomorrow. Thanks much. In this area there are many congregations which are into this. The Paris IL congregation has never been into it for which I am thankful. We now have elders and I am grateful for them. Keep up the great work. Your sister in CHRIST, Reva McIntyre

I was browsing the internet trying to find some supportive material for my Sunday school class and found this website. I am really impressed. Keep up the wonderful work and I will be sure to share the website. I read in the comments about the believers who are secretly meeting. I was very moved. Let's all be prayerful for those in that situation. ~ Delia Holman, Dallas, Texas

I would like to put a link to your site on our church's web page (East Alameda church of Christ, Aurora, CO) ... Is it okay with you? Thanks for your consideration. Dave Franklin

Thank you for the good work you are doing. May God bless you, and keep up the good news of God's love for all. Charles Jewellson

I enjoy your website very much. I appreciate the good job you do with it. ~ Hayden Childs

I enjoy your paper and pass it on quite often. I have also used articles in our bulletin, always giving credit where it is due. Thank you, Kathleen Duvall

You have a nice website. Love from Lisa

Could make good use of your web page 'down-under'. Would you like more in N.Z. to subscribe? ~ Brotherly, Rod Kyle, New Zealand

Keep up the good work. You have a very good web page. ~ Don H. Noblin, Cardwell, MO

I appreciate your stance for truth! ~ Terry Townsend, Erwin, TN

I greatly appreciate the work you are doing ... ~ Ted Janney

It is a great help from the Gospelgazzets. I love to read it regularly. God bless you. ~ Krishna Gopal & Kamala Shrestha

Our congregation is now publishing a website and a link to your website has been included. Thank you for your work over the internet. ~ Jay Tidwell, preacher for the Bonham Street Church of Christ, Paris, Texas

Dear Brother Louis Rushmore: Thank you for the Gospelgazette. It is nice and I like it. I keep it in the printing form for further study. May God bless you and your work in the Lord. Your brother in the Lord ~ Krishna Gopal Khadgee, Gospel Minister

I have visited your website often and find it very sound and encouraging for the church of Christ. In brotherly love, Jim Bradshaw

Hi, Just cruising around the internet and found your spot. Your offer is appreciated and accepted. Thank you for the effort and publication. ~ Herb Carnagey, Evangelist, Kingswood Parke Church of Christ, Surprise, Arizona

Hello brothers. It will be an honor for me to recieve the Gospel Gazzette Online. Agape, Charlie Gomez

Thanks for the good work! ~ Tom Larkin

Please enter my subscription to this valuable newsletter! May God bless you in your work. ~ Laura Jones

Please accept my subscription for you publication, I am very intrested in what you have to say. Thank you in advance.

Thanks for the gazette. It is well thought out and very informative. ~ Robert Brooks

Thanks Louis for such an informative web site. May God bless your efforts. I have included your links on my web page. I am a missionary to Tanzania, East Africa. ~ Charles Creel

We are members of the Church of Christ (non-instrumental) here in [city withheld by Editor], Saudi Arabia. There are 10 souls baptized INTO Christ (in the Red Sea), aside from 5 others from the Philippines. We are secretly meeting in my flat every first day of the week for the service, and every Friday (Saudi holiday) for the Bible class. I am very happy to have come across of The Gospel Gazette website. Please enter me as your subscriber. More blessings and years for the staff of The Gospel Gazette! Brotherly, [name withheld by Editor]

Thank you so much for the work you do on your website. And for standing for the truth. May God continue to bless you as you labor so valiantly in the kingdom. In Him, Mark McWhorter

I enjoy reading this publication and find it extremely useful. Steve Smithbauer

Jesus liked porn. Bible banging short sighted dumb[CENSORED]! ~ Ferris Pau

...we visited your site often while in the Ukrainian mission field. ... This is a courtesy notification that I have posted a link (under the head "Good Literature") to your web site from my own (home.earthlink.net/~acptx). In His service, Al Parr

A link has been included on our site to yours. In Christian Love, Tom Sarratt

I was doing some internet research for a lesson on drinking in my list of favorites and came across Bro. Rushmore's excellent articles on the web site. It is there that learned of his book on this subject. I have your site on our links page. I look forward to receiving the book! Thanks, Hayden Childs

Thank you so much for responding. Your website is great and I will definitely share with all my friends. The wealth of information is unreal. Thanks again, the article on the role of women is perfect. I have added your site to my favorites and feel sure, I will use it quite a bit. ~ Regina M. Deal

Dear Louis, Thank you so very much for responding to my need. Yes, I read your article and it was very good. It sounded like it was written for me. ~ Mike Tubbs, Arkansas

Dear Brother & Sister Rushmore, I found your web site thru the WV Christian paper. We really appreciate the wonderful articles. Carl is an elder in the Paris IL. Church of CHRIST. ... I would like to use some of the articles you have written in our church bulletin. We put an extra paper with scriptual articles in the bulletin each week. You will be given credit as I will print them out as they are written and copy them. I put your web address in the bulletin for those who will use it. ... Thank you again for a wonderful web page. Also there is one in our congregation who is going into gospel preaching and has been given the e-mail address of the WV School of Preaching. Carl and I are native West Virginians. Yours in CHRIST, Carl & Reva McIntyre.

I appreciate very much your putting my lessons on Gospel Gazette. You are doing a great work with it, and I am confident you are doing a productive work in WVSOP. Brotherly, Basil Overton, Florence, AL

I really do enjoy your website.  I have added it to our web page so more people can come in contact with your work. ~ Jerry McKey, Elder

Your generosity of time and effort is greatly appreciated. ~ Mark and Teah McWhorter

PLEASE ADD ME (PUT ME) ON LIST I just found your page today . And what I have looked at is great. ~ Wilbert Kantill

Sign me up! ~ Roy Duckworth

I just visited the sight.  It is outstanding!  I am going to use a lot of the material that you have presented. ... I appreciate the great work you are doing for the cause of Christ. Sincerely, Jason Roberts

I enjoy reading your articles.  Thank you for providing this service. Best Wishes, Harold Denham

Appreciate your work very much. ~ Steve Miller

Great!  Keep up the good work. ~ Doyle Bloomer

Thanks for a great work, may the Lord be glorified as a result, Praise be to Him. ~ Dennis Grow

You are doing a wonderful job with Gospel Gazette!  Keep me infomed of new issues. Gratefully, Darwin Hunter

Thank you  God bless. ~ Cliff Babcock

I've been reading the Gazette online for about a year, but have not subscribed before.  It's really great to be able to study at any time that's convenient.  This is an excellent use of the power of the internet. Thanks. ~ Mary Jane Flint, Granby, MO

Dear Mr. Rushmore, thank for taking the time to answer my questions. You have been a great help. ~ pedro rodriguez

I want to compliment your excellent web site. There is so much possible good for this. May God bless you richly. Brotherly, Wally Kirby

your article on benevolence was so good and presented the TRUTH of God's word, iam sorrt that it continues to be necessary for this kind of teaching. your web site is very helpful. i have been preaching since 1957 and have seen so many "hobbies", of coutse a nut is a nut whether it twists to the right or the left. iam also a school teacher, since 1964, I worked for 18 years in "church schools" i had a stroke on Dec31,200 and was in Vanderbilt for rehab for 9 weeks. I still cannot use my left arm or hand, so my typing is very slow. ~ J, Randall Chaudoin, Murfreesboro,TN

I finally found the time to write and let you and your wife know how much I appreciate your web site.  I can't tell you how many friends of mine and other Christians I have told about the articles. ... With so much false doctrine delivered within the Church, Community Churches springing up every day, Christians every where need more web sites and publications like yours.  May God bless you always in your quest to spread His gospel. In Christian Love, Yvonne Conner

I have been enjoying the articles I have read so far thank you. ~ Barbara Thomason

Dear Bro. Rushmore,     In a time when the world strives for materialism and humanism, and even some churches of Christ turn from the truth to please men, you put out a publication of teaching in Spirit and Truth. God's instructions are not optional and you have seen to it that the truth is in print. ... Thanks for the effort to spread God's word. ~ Stan Achilles

I really appreciate the gospel gazette online.  Please remind me when the new issues are available for viewing. Thanks, Rod Halliburton

I am doing Bible study and came across your website.  It is just awesome and I have found it so beneficial.  Please know I will pray for it's continued success in reaching individuals such as myself and those who have never been exposed to the word. ~ Patty Reeves

Thanks for continuing the fine articles on your Website. I look forward to reading them each month. It is good thing that you do. Sincerely & Yours in the Faith, Ted Janney

I like your writing in Gospel Gazette. ~ Marut Rungruang, Thailand

Hi, my name is Leroy Sedgwick. I found the Gospel Gazette address while reading a recent periodical. I had a link to some material by Louis Rushmore earlier, but am glad to find this link, and will use it often. It is already on my "favorites" list. Keep up the good work. ~ Leroy Sedgwick

You are doing a wonderful job with Gospel Gazette!  Keep me infomed of new issues. Gratefully, Darwin Hunter

Hi from the "Great Land"  -  Alaska! I really appreciate the material and resources you provide.  I accidentally ran across the site, but I will pass the word. Thanks again! Brotherly, -Ken Smith

What A BLESSING to find https://www.gospelgazette.com  today!  I have spent the last hour and a half browsing, reading articles, and scanning various "links."  WHAT A WEALTH OF MATERIAL! I quickly saved this site in my "Favorites" folder.  I will share the site with others. :) Steve Kirby :)

I really appreciate the good work you are doing with GGO. I've profited from your endeavors. Thanks for the monthly updates. Some of the articles I have turned into sermons . . . ~ Mike Benson

I am excited about your material [books by Louis Rushmore] because I'm using it in a "church planting" training worskshop in Colorado. . . . I have taught in a preacher training school (Brown Trail School in Ft.Worth) and may small group sessions to develop a disciple mind-set. . . . I got your name and info off the Internet website. ~ Alvin Neal

I appreciate your good work and pray that God will continue to bless you with much success in all that you do for Him. ~ Albert Farley, Editor of West Virginia Christian

You are doing a great work. Gratefully, Basil Overton

Hello, my name is Dale L. Cowger and I found access to this web site via my wife.  She found it in the "Church of Saint Patrick"  bulletin in Wadsworth, IL.  I have not browsed through your web site, but rather wanted to send you an acknowledgement.  I am looking forward to your notice of future issues. My prayers are with you.  Thank you.

Thank's alot for your help. With the two URL for the archives of your journal you give to me, i'm able to access of all your archives. It's fantastic ! I realy love your website, an i recommand it to my brothers. Continue your good job for the Lord, you an all your equip. Brotherly yours, Pascal Cusson, province of quebec, Canada.

Hi, I'm Lino Luongo from Naples [Italy] Church of Christ. Thanks for your great job of the "Gospel Gazette." I would like to be reminded when the new issue is ready. Thank you again, and God bless you. In Christ, Lino

I need a suscription to gospel gazette on line. My name is Hernando Motta Rocha, I am precaher in Church of Christ in Ambato Ecuador, but I colaborate in preaching others congregation in Quito, Santodomingo de los Colorados and Portoviejo. Please send me, a link site web taht shower sermons and Bible tracts. Excuse my english.

Dear Mr. Rushmore, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your reply to my questions. It came right on time, he may not come when you want him but he is always on time. God sent your message to me when I needed it the most God bless you and keep you and yours forever. Your brother in Christ ~ Anthony

I received my copy of the World Evangelist today and noticed for the first time your web page.  I checked it out and was happily surprised at all the material you have placed on the internet.  I can't imagine all the work that you and others have done and are doing.  This is such a great way to share the Word of God with the whole world. Thank you and may God richly bless you in your labour for Him. In brotherly love, Willard Pyles, Eva Church of Christ, Eva, Alabama

Greetings Bro. Rushmore: I want to express to you my appreciation for your labor of love for the cause of spreading the borders of the kingdom of God. I have just read over many of the entries that are available to all and find it a wealth of teaching there in.. for those of us to try to do like wise, in our daily living and service to our Maker..My family and I worship with the Aubrey church of Christ in Aubrey, Arkansas.... a small , but very sound congregation. You may recall it from your days spent in Memphis several years ago.. but on to the point of my letter to you.. tho, we be small , we love the truth and it is so great to see that you are doing all that you can to lead others to Christ and for those like ourselves, to strengthen us in our efforts at the local level.. My prayer is for you to have many more years in His service... Your sister in Christ... Martha D.Manley. p.s. Please notify us when you have new issues.

Thanks!  I enjoy the material.  ~ Tim Smith

My name is Daniel Gilbert, Web Master and associate editor of the Central Chruch of Christ, Clearwater, Florida. We are currently adding more information to our relitavely new web site and would like to add a link to the Gospel Gazette.

Hi,  Just wanted to say thanks for some info I found in the archives. ~ Richard B. Carter

Dear Mr. Rushmore, Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my inqiury concerning Easter, the rabbit, and the Bible. It was very enlightning and I plan to talk with my friend about it. How did man ever get so crazy? And to hear these "preachers" on TV trying to answer questions from well meaning listeners without reference to what the scripture says is so discouraging. Thanks again for your comments.I enjoy your articles! In Christian Love, Bill King

Dear Louis: I am going to place a notice in our bulletin this week about Gospel Gazette on-line.  We have quite a number that are on the internet and are always looking for something of interest.  Keep up the good work.   Our bulletin is a weekly publication.  Thanks for all you are doing. Brotherly, Eddie

Please remind me each month when the current issue is ready for viewing. Thanks and God bless each of you.  I am a member of Newsome Street Church of Christ, Gene Godfrey, Minister, Hahira, Georgia (about 13 miles from Valdosta, Ga.  I am a bible school teacher for teen girls and my husband is youth director.

I really appreciate the gospel gazette online.  Please remind me when the new issues are available for viewing. Thanks, Rod Halliburton

Keep up the great work.  One of the elders here said he really liked your site....we are trying to up-grade our site with some different things...we shall see what happens. God bless you in all that you do is my prayer. Brotherly, Eddie

Thank you for the online gazette, although we are here in a third world country, we can access and contact you and ask you some questions. My name is Greg Q. Gallardo, Jr. Gospel preacher of Alabang Church of Christ in the Philippines . . . In Christ, Greg Gallardo, Jr.

Nice page for Christian who need good info about Bible study. I just would like to receive info on sermon outline site that would help a lot, I am a new preacher for the church of Christ in Taguatinga Brazil . . . ~ Joao Fonseca



Hello,you probably dont know who I am.My name is Brandon Mayfield.  I first heard about gospel gazette through my Grandfather,who is Basil Overton.And told him I would check it out,and I think it is amazing that your spreading the gospel on the Internet.I  am a student of the Bible and am learning alot from the help of my grandfather. Bye, Brandon

I would like to be reminded each month when a new Gospel Gazette is out. Thank you so much for this good work. Your Sister In Christ, Rhoda Doss

I'm grateful for your stand on the truth, and all the hard work you do for our Lord. Keep up the good work, and you're in my prayers. Your brother in Christ, Tom Meade

Appreciate your good journal on the net.  Your article on individual wafers was thought-provoking, fair, and honest.  I  ppreciate your scholarship so very, very much. ~ Andy Robison, Parkersburg, WV

Just found GGO and enjoyed it!!  I think we need more articles on the church today since so many people believe that it doesn't matter which church you are a member of.  The Lord Himself bled and died for that ONE church and He will save only those in His church, that ONE church.  In Christ, Travis C. Phillips, Killen, AL

. . . I have had the opportunity to find and peruse Gospel Gazette, and I really, really like it! . . . I want to encourage you to keep up the good work. I am deeply impressed and hope that a great deal of good can be done for the Cause for which Jesus gave his last full measure of devotion. Best to you and yours, have a great holiday season. Fraternally, D. Gene West

I continue to appreciate the Gospel Gazette web site. It is a top quality production in every way. May the Lord abundantly bless you and Bonnie in this upcoming year. Brotherly, Wayne Jackson

Please let me know when each new issue of gospel gazette is ready for viewing via internet---Keep up the fine work and God Bless. ~ Walter Tolley

Keep up the great work here, and I will tell others about your site also. ~ Susie Gibson, Cambridge, OH

Brother Rushmore, Thank you for including our information.  A great many people visit your site and it will prove very helpful to us.  For this we're very grateful. With brotherly love, Neal Pollard

Please contact me each month. You're doing a great job! Thanks, Jerry Armstrong

Thanks for the great work that you are doing! ~ Eddie Cooper, Parkersburg, WV

Thank you for the fine work you are doing. ~ Nathan

I am a member of the Church of Christ and I would like to be reminded when the new issues are ready for viewing. . . . I really enjoy your issues.  Thanks so very much. In Christ, Sonna

I have enjoyed your web site and have told others about it. Thanks, Karen Wyatt

. . . thanks for what you are doing. ~ Thomas Marshall, Richmond, VA

Thank you for your webpage. ~ John Ed Clark, Fresno, California

Another excellent issue of GG! ~ Wayne Jackson

I read with interest your editorial on the New Bible Archaeology. ~ Doug Hoff, Effingham, IL

I have been reading various parts of your web site. The gospel gazette is a good work. I hope you can continue it idefinitely. ~ Paul Mobley

I really appreciate the work you're doing with the Gospel Gazette online. At our congregation here in Corpus Christi, Ayers Street, we're trying to get a web page to act as a teaching tool, as well as an introduction to those looking for a church home in this area. It was also good to meet you at the Lectureship at Saint Albans. I hope to see you again sometime, and be better able to get acquainted with you. God bless you and your efforts in His kingdom. Thanks again. ~ Robert Johnson, Corpus Christi, TX

Thank you for giving my articles a wider audience. I'm glad they can be of use. ~ Kevin Rhodes

I found out about your website through the Gospel Gleaner. It appears you have some knowledgeable authors for your articles. I would appreciate if you would send me a remainder when the new issue comes online. Thanks for your work. ~ Robert, Lisa, Katelyn, Charlie: The Dettor's

Thank you for a good short article. It caused me to think of several related issues. ~ Nathan Barton, Rockerville, SD

I just printed "Notes On Benevolence As It Relates to The Church". It will be a lot of help in my study. ~ Randell H. Sturgess, Swartz Creek, Michigan

We too wish you and your work great success. ~ Joseph Meador

I want to thank you for your gospel gazette web page. ~ Dale Numikoski

Enjoyed your research on "new biblical archaeology." Good article, deserves wide readership. ~ Grady Miller, Lakeland, FL

I enjoy reading your internet columns. ~ Thomas Hall

God bless your work. ~ Wayne Jackson

Greetings, I would like to take a moment to tell you what an excellent site you have here and I pray that the bleesings of God will be fruitful in your efforts. I thought you would be excited to know that your site was mentioned to me and about ninety others by an instructor at Nashville School of Preaching. As a former student of Tn. Bible College, I know that this site must have impressed a great deal of enthusiasm in the mind of this Brother, or it would have never been mentioned in a public forum as it was. You are doing a great work here. Strive to keep it sound in doctrine. This is the responsibility given to us as Christians with this great medium to use at our disposal. [One would have to ponder what the apostle Paul could have done with a computer.] God's speed and love to you and your family, your fellow soldier in Christ, William R. Young. Tompkinsville Ky.

Greetings! Thank you for such a great web site. ~ Joyce

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this good work. Your brother, Kevin Rhodes

I like your approach to your web site. I hate "under construction" signs and not knowing what changes are taking place. However, in your case I can expect new and fresh materials every month every month. I really like your approach. . . . Keep up the good work. ~ Mr ED

Thank you for the opportunity to write for the Gospel Gazette On Line. It is very well done and I pray it will have a long and profitable future. Brotherly, Roger Rush

Dear Louis, Thanks for the new periodical. ~ David E. Parks

I enjoy it very much. Keep up the good work. ~ Arthur Pigman, Glencoe, Alabama

God bless you for the great work you are doing. Brotherly, Wayne Jackson

I appreciate the wonderful service you are providing with the Gospel Gazette Online. Keep up the good work! Yours in Christ, Mike Jones

Thanks you so much for your endeavors,. ~ James H. Brown

I really learn alot from the Gospel Gazette. Thanks again. ~ David and Denise Peery

You are doing a great service. ~ Jerry McKey

You are doing a great work. Keep it up! May God bless you richly with this effort. Brotherly, Eddie Cooper

Excellent material, I have not thanked you so am doing it now. ~ Tom Marshall

I pray your work continues to bear fruit that will be pleasing unto the Master. I would also take this opportunity to thank you for your reply in regard to the questions I had on apostasy in Corinth." It has been very instructive from a question and answer stand point. Thank you for all your help. Your servant in Christ, Graham Walker

Please notify me when you have your paper ready. I will appreciate it so much. Thanks, Harrell Davidson

I appreciate the work you are doing with the Gospel Gazzette online . . . Thank you for a fine way to read some sound biblical articles. I know that as I preacher I always appreciate articles which may suggest a sermon idea to me, and as a christian I appreciate the chance to grow in knowledge. In Love, Jonathan McAnulty, Minister for the Belle church

Keep up the good work. Yours in Christ, Sharron Boyagian

Keep up the good work, love the format and content. Tom Thomas, Preacher, Spencer County church of Christ, Rockport, In 47635

Please send me the monthly reminder about Gospel Gazette. I have found it very useful and edifying, and will pray for its success. ~ Darwin Hunter

I have enjoyed the Gospel Gazette . . . God bless and keep up the good work. ~ Steven B. Chapman

Appreciate your web page! Good stuff! Love, D & A

This is a very informative page for Christ's Church. Keep up the good work! ~ Paul Akers, Dan Ridge Church of Christ

I appreciate your publication. Thanks for the time and effort that I know it takes to accomplish such a task. May God bless you. In Him, Karen Clayton

. . . Gospel Gazette Online. . . I find it informative and enjoyable. Keep up the great work. ~ Bubba

Right now I want to thank you for your work and for sharing your learning. It's a great help! Yours, James Ping, Houston, TX

Dear Louis: I have recently stumbled upon your Bible teachings at Bible-InfoNet. I was looking for bible study guides on Wisdom Literature (Job through Song of Solomon) and the Beatitudes. I was born and raised in Memphis and didn't know there was a College of Preaching there. Of course, I was raised Catholic and only recently (1/28/99!) converted to Church of Christ. I even went to Wheeling College for my freshman year. Too many questions and saw too many strange things there to keep the Catholic faith. How near to the prison is the college in Moundsville? And what about the Hare Krishna temple? We were strongly urged to avoid visiting it, and to never go there alone! I am slowly absorbing God's word and see changes in my life. Maybe I'll share my story some other time. Right now I want to thank you for your work and for sharing your learning. It's a great help! Yours, James Ping, Houston, TX

Hey Louis, great page. ~ Timothy Wilkes, Sr.

The letter I'm forwarding is from . . . my brother-in-law. I don't know if he and his wife go to services anywhere. I think they used to go to the Baptist Church. Many doors are opening. Keep up the good work! ~ Barb

Your web publication has been added to the directory of Web Magazines in the Old Paths Network. May the Lord bless your endeavor. ~ Roy Davison

The ad looks great! I am so thankful that I was able to add the information about the VBS curriculum and that you could insert the Web site. I clicked on it, and it went right to my web site. I would like to have the same ad run for the month of April, also. Then I may write a more general ad for May. I am very happy to see that brother McWhorter will be working with you. It is good to see the names of faithful brethren such as Wayne Jackson writing articles for your publication. Everything looks great. Keep up the good work. I'm working on the article we discussed, and will be sending it to you soon. Thanks again! ~ Barbara Hanna

Louis, Thank you for putting on the Gospel Gazette that I was looking for another job, I hope that will help. You have a good thing going with the Gospel Gazette, keep up the good work. Thanks, Justin Odom

Dear Mr. Rushmore: My name is Bill King and my wife and I are members of the Cambridge Christ of Christ. While surfing the net for Church of Christ "Bible Topics" I found your articles very interesting and educational. I especially liked "The First Church" and gave it to a friend. In Christian Love, Bill R. King

Dear Louis, I like what you are dong with the Gospel Gazette. I would like to submit an article now and then if you approve it. I am sending some things I think you will appreciate. God bless your work. ~ Phil Sanders, Ph.D.; Instructor, Nashville School of Preaching; Minister, Concord Rd. Church of Christ; 8221 Concord Rd.; Brentwood, TN 37027

I've enjoyed the GG, and have told others about it. ~ Clarence Johnson

Louis, thanks so much for taking your time to respond to my question. It helped a lot. God Bless. ~ Jim Parker

What a great work! Thanks for your efforts. ~ Tom Thomas, Preacher, Spencer County Church of Christ, Rockport, In 47635

Dear brother Rushmore, Knowing that writers often do not get the kind of immediate feedback which comes to a speaker, I thought you might be interested in some feedback re: the Gospel Gazette. I forwarded the URL to my cousin who lives and worships in Zanesville, OH, and is a counselor at Zanesville High School. She in turn pointed it out to her boss. Here is her summary of what happened then: "We enjoyed your article in the Gospel Gazette. As a matter of fact, my boss discovered the articles you could download and printed enough articles to use up a ream of paper. She goes to the Wings of Hope Tabernacle which is an all black congregation. I don't think they have any particular denominational ties. She also requests I bring her my weekly copy of Gospel Minutes. She uses them to teach her Sunday School class." Truly, the printed word has potential for great things. Again, just thought you would be interested in knowing that your work is reaching people. In Him, David Anguish

Dear Brethren: The Old Paths page listed the Gospel Gazette among its list of publications, so we took a look at it. Congratulations on its set-up. . . . May the Lord bless your efforts to build up Christ's church. After Him, Randal Matheny, Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil

Why do you skirt the issue? Each and every article I read was full of scripture, plenty of scripture but never was a conclusion drawn. Is that to avoid conflict? So, as you can see sometimes people ,after reading an article, have more questions. If I were to have ended at the period after questions you would be left scratching your head asking, "What was the point?" That is my point, what is the point? I feel like I've waded through the rough only to miss the treasure. I'm sure there must be a reason for the softshoe of avoiding a stong conclusion. It would possibly make someone mad. Fact is and you failed to mention --some of those gods are onto the real God. Some of those gods are no more than false religions. To lump Baptists, Mormons and an endless group together without explaining what makes one a real God and one a false god is a real trap for the individual who is truly seeking God and falls into your trap. Point: Some religions have individuals in their ranks who know the living God. Some religions are false and none of their followers have a chance of finding God. Failing to make that clear could give those chasing after a false god a false sense of security. Truth is, to lump the real with the unreal and not make it clear to the unsuspecting reader that such a difference can be either heaven or hell is frightening. ~ Steve Jarrell

Just got your premiere issue of the The Gospel Gazette and I believe it is a start of a great Website for those of us that are always looking for the truth. Thank you very much for a great begining. ~ Paul Sanchez

. . . I am a member of the church in Warren, PA. I would like permission to use your articles from time to time to publish in the bulletin at our congregation. Thanks for your efforts in putting this publication online!! ~ In His Service, Bob Gross

Thank you for your www site. I will be back ASAP. I did refer you to the webmaster of . . . for consideration of a link site. I do not know if he has had time to get to you, but I feel he will. As you must have noticed, if you went to the site for COMBE, I am a Baptist. ~ Chester

Brother Rushmore, You and the Staff have given the brotherhood a wonderful new tool by which to grow and with which to fight the good fight of faith. Your hard work is very much appreciated. Thank you, ~ Dean Gittings

Dear brother Rushmore, Let me commend your excellent work on "Gospel Gazette." I have benefitted from it, and have emailed many brethren about it. We need good, sound, faithful materials to strenthen the brethren on-line, and to suggest to non-Christian friends to peruse on-line. Your work will accomplish mush good for the kingdom, I believe. I preach for the Lord's church in Shreveport, LA at the Sunset church of Christ. Perhaps I can contribute something for your publication sometime. I have also appreciated your reproducible materials, and have found them useful in my labors. Again, let me congratulate you on your successful publication. I hope it will be another tool in the hand of the Lord to disseminate the Gospel, and defeat the "doctrines of demons." Yours in Christ, Darwin Hunter

I really enjoy reading the articles in the Gazette. Keep up the good work and God bless you as you strive for excellence as well as soundness in presenting the truth of God's word. Basil Overton is an old friend and beloved teacher, well respected for his stand on the truth. In Him, Earl Weldon

The new Gospel Gazette looks like it will be a fine source of sound teaching. I plan to visit often. May God bless your efforts to teach the truth. ~ Eddie Parrish, Odessa, Texas

Louis, I sure do miss your skills at debunking the errant and pointing readers to the truth on matters that you so frequently used on the Firm Foundation. Its not the same without you and Brother Dobbs must have his hands full looking for your replacement. I have been reading the Gospel Gazette and am very impressed. I have not been able to read all the articles yet, but I have read Parts 1 and 2 of Allen Webster's "A Trail of Grief And A Trail of Tears." In fact I have printed it out so I can study it further. I will be leading the thoughts at the Lord's table this month and plan to use some of the thoughts Brother Webster brought out as a basis of my comments. Louis, you and your contributors keep up the good work. Your brother, Gary Hall

Bro Rushmore, it is good to see something fresh on the Net. I believe this will help us all. Thanks, Glen Gannon

Dear Louis, I have visited your web page for the first time today. You are doing an excellent job. May God continue to bless you in your efforts. Would you mind if I put in a link for my congregation's home page to yours? Yours in Christ, Glen Tattersall

It looks fantastic! Keep it up. Told all my friends about it. ~ Harold Driskell

This issue looks great. Keep up the good work! ~ Howard Burnette

Dear Louis, first I would like to say that I enjoy your new online gospel gazette. I am a member of the Poteau Church of Christ in Poteau Oklahoma. ~ Jim Parker

Dear Brother Louis Rushmore: I was just visiting your web-site for the first time. Very nice! Also found some links I was not previously aware of. I've bookmarked your site and will be back again. A news item regarding the "Gospel Gazette Online" is on the "National News" page (4) under "Ohio" of the February issue of "The Christian Chronicle." If you have not yet received your February print issue by mail, you can preview the article at our new web-site at: https://christianchronicle.org/p04_national.htm. May God richly bless you and your efforts to tell the Good News of Jesus Christ on the web! ~ Ken Green, The Christian Chronicle, Oklahoma City, OK, ccweb@oc.edu

Brother Rushmore, I always enjoyed your forum on the Firm Foundation site, and am excited about the Gospel Gazzette. The first issue is outstanding! May God continue to bless your efforts in His kingdom. Your brother, B. Michael Jones

Dear Louis- Good job! The Gospel Gazette Online looks great! I like the larger fonts especially. The content isn't half bad either(Ha-Ha). In His Love, Mark Weaver

The Gospel Gazette on-line looks great and I believe it will be a welcome addition to those searching for truth. The articles are excellent. Keep up the good work. Brotherly, Eddie Cooper

This is the best site I've seen so far, its easy to use and the articles are very imformative----Keep up the good work, and please notify me of updates. ~ Bill Hayes.

Dear brother Rushmore, I have had opportunity to look at the Gospel Gazette Online, and I was very impressed. It is very well done. I would be happy to write an article for you on James, the brother of our Lord. . . . Continued best wishes in your work. I was delighted to see the high quality material available from your web cite. Keep up the good work. Brotherly, Roger A. Rush

I appreciate your Gospel Gazette Online. Keep up the good work. ~ Stan Risener

Bro. Rushmore: Greetings in Christ! Many thanks for making available - all in one place - these excellent and hard-to-find restoration reprints! . . . Also, I appreciate VERY MUCH your article entitled "Notes on Benevolence as it Relates to the Church." This is a really good supplement to Thomas B. Warren's "Lectures on Church Cooperation and Orphan's Homes," which I am currently reading. . . . Again, thank you for your web page! Cheers! In Christ, Maj. Stan A. Stockton

Hello Louis, Hope this note finds you well. I have visited Gospel Gazette and find it to be a well managed and informative site. ~ Steve Smithbauer

I have seen your work in many places and appreciate it greatly. May the Lord prosper you in every wonderful way. Brotherly, Wayne Jackson

Gazette looks fantastic!!!!!!! ~ Andrew J. Robison

Congratulation of the first issue of Gospel Gazette. You have set a high mark for every other issue. Thanks for blessing my life with your efforts. ~ Dan Jenkins

With you and the other good contributors on the Gospel Gazette, I know that it will go over well. May God continue to bless you in all your efforts as you live faithfully for Him. ~ Ferman L. Carpenter

The Gospel Gazette looks great! ~ H.T. Bear

Just wanted to inform you that I have spent the past 2 hours perusing the pages and other features of this Website. I am even more impressed than by the short visit I made when it first appeared. I trust that the interest and support will be forthcoming that it will become a PERMANENT feature in the electronic ministry. ~ James H. Brown

Just wanted you to know that one of the articles in GG served as our "devotional" last Wed. eve. (we have a short devotional in the auditorium after classes dismiss).  One of our deacons (who was responsible for the devo. that evening) found you online & copied the article by Furman Kearley.  Thanks for making good material available! ~ Joe Slater

I have been looking over your new online paper. Very impressive! Thanks for letting me be a part of it. Appreciate the opportunity. ~ Dennis Gulledge