Gospel Gazette Online
Volume 18 Number 9 September 2016
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Louis Rushmore, EditorRodney Nulph, Associate Editor

Editors Louis Rushmore and Rodney Nulph invite you to open the pages of the September 2016 issue of Gospel Gazette Online. In addition, please avail yourselves of the thousands of archived articles, either by selecting "Archive" in the masthead or using the "Search" feature atop this page. Enjoy!

Ordinarily, Gospel Gazette Online is 16 pages in length. However, due to the lengthy editorial by Louis Rushmore on page 2, for this edition only, the number of pages are limited to four. The amount of reading material is comparable to what a monthly issue of GGO carries, but in fewer articles. Future editions of GGO will resume the 16 page format.

In This Issue

Page 2: Denying the Future Resurrection Is an Old Heresy Louis Rushmore, Editorial
Page 3: The Enemies from Within Rodney Nulph, Editorial
Page 3: The Words Are All That Matter? Andy Robison
Page 4: Q&A: Missing the Name Louis Rushmore
Page 4: Q&A: If They Had Known Louis Rushmore

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