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Vol.  10  No. 5 May 2008  Page 11
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Dean KellyHappy Endings

By Dean Kelly

    A family’s tears flow. All have gathered around a casket in which the earthly remains of a dear loved one rest. A life on earth has ended. There is a feeling of sadness in the air.

   I like happy endings. Most of the time, when I watch a movie, TV show or play, I want a happy ending. I want the guy to get the girl (or vice versa). I like the long shot to win. I much prefer it when the bad guy loses, and the wounded, bloodied hero walks wearily away, victorious. I usually want to be entertained and to escape from all the unhappiness and pain that is in the world. I know there is a time for “Romeo and Juliet,” but usually I would prefer a “You’ve Got Mail”; there is a time for “Macbeth,” but I often prefer an “Air Force One.” You get the idea.

   Even in the real world, I like happy endings. I love to see a boy and a girl who are allowing love to grow between them. I love to turn a young couple around to face an audience, and to, for the first time, declare them as “Mr. and Mrs.” It thrills me to see a couple in their twilight years that meant it when they said, “I do.” However, there are so many times in real life when there is no happy ending. Often, the boy doesn’t get the girl, the underdog loses, and the bad guys seem to win. and the would-be hero is defeated.

   I do know, however, that there is a happy ending promised to those who are God’s. When the last breath is drawn, this person begins a victorious march into eternity. Whatever “unhappy endings” we may have found in life will fade away into an ultimate happy ending.

   A family’s tears flow. There is a feeling of sadness in the air. It is not for the departed one. It is sadness for the living who have been left behind. “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord…” Actually, the family knows this loved one has won the final battle, and has been victorious in Jesus. I like happy endings!

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