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Vol.  10  No. 1 January 2008  Page 11
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Dean KellyGod Is Busy?

By Dean Kelly

    I recently heard a song by Brooks and Dunn that is entitled God Is Busy. I get behind on what is new or old on the radio, but I do not believe that I had heard this before. It made me think, and I just had to respond (although Brooks and Dunn will never know I did).

   Is God busy? I would most certainly think so. Every tiny sparrow that flies in the balmy skies of the south, and leaves behind the frozen wastelands of the north; every sparrow that has built a nest in someone’s garage, or dodged the towers of the Manhattan sky; every baby sparrow that has misstepped and fallen from its mother’s nest, and found its fate sealed in the mouth of a hungry cat: God knows everyone of them, and can give an account of them. I am sure that does keep God busy.

    Every time a person combs his hair and pulls out a single strand; every time a child loses all of her hair as part of the ravages of treatment for that dreaded disease that no one so young should have to endure; every time an unborn infant’s little head pops out a brand new hair; every time some man who is growing older begins to develop bald spots because his hair is slowly leaving: God knows every hair on every head. I am sure that does keep God busy.

   Every time a baby boy folds his fingers and bows his little head as he is learning how to pray; every time an ancient saint bows her head at the bed of the man who has filled her life for all these many years; every time one of His is driving down the road and says a little prayer about the simple events that will come to this new day; in every event when His people pray, in sorrow, in joy, in worship, in every walk of their lives: God is listening, and God will answer, in His own way, in His own time. I am sure that does keep God busy.

    Our God is a busy God. I believe that He mourns over the consequences of sin that man has ravaged upon himself. I believe that He is grieved as He views man’s inhumanity toward his fellow-man. I know that He is simultaneously angered and sorrowed as He watches humanity misuse the truth, misuse each other and misuse the precious Gift that He has given. I am sure that this does keep God busy.

   However, the true question is: Is God too busy? The answer is no. God is not too busy to answer His people’s prayer. Just because God does not answer our prayers in our time, and in the way we want Him to answer them, then we conclude that God is too busy to hear us. While we pray for the world situation, one of God’s greatest principles is that He has given mankind a choice. He does not make men do evil, He does not cause wars, and humanity does that all on its own. It would really be a more nearly appropriate prayer to pray for changes in attitudes, because that is all that will make mankind better.

   Remember that because we don’t see the results of prayer that we think we ought to see, that does not negate the fact that God is listening and answering prayers. Is God busy? Yes, He is busy. Is God too busy? No, He is there, He hears, and He will make all things work out for the good of those who are His (Romans 8:28). The bottom line question is: Are you too busy for God? Your eternity depends on that answer (2 Corinthians 5:10).

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