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 Vol. 3, No. 1                                        Page 19                                                January, 2001


Ukraine Trip Request

Dear Brethren, Teah and I will be traveling to Kiev, Ukraine and England in February. We will spend 10 days in Kiev and then 7 days in England. I will be teaching medical ethics in the preaching school in Kiev for five hours per day for five days as well as doing some preaching. Abortion is as common in Ukraine as taking cold medicine in the United States. The majority of women have had one. And as the country becomes more westernized, the people will be dealing with more of the problematic medical ethics that we deal with here. The school is also inviting Christians from throughout Ukraine to attend the lectures on Thursday and Friday. This will serve as the annual lectureship that the school hosts each year at this time. So, it is hoped that much good can be accomplished with an even wider audience. Teah will be teaching ladies' classes each day and children's' classes during the time we are in Kiev. We will be working and encouraging the Keith Sisman family and the congregation they work with when we go to England. I will be preaching there and possibly teaching on medical ethics there as well. Tentative plans are to invite many of the region's Christians to attend the lessons I give. Teah and I ask that you remember us in your prayers as we prepare to go and while we are gone. Please pray that we would present God's word in an easily understood but straightforward manner. Please pray that there would be receptive hearts. We also are requesting consideration for funds for the trip. We are trying to raise $2000 for the trip. We have already had some unexpected expenses to prepare for the trip. I need to purchase a Russian/English medical dictionary (which is difficult to find) for my translator. (I will keep it for future trips.) We still need about $1200 to meet our goal. If you could help in any way, we would be extremely grateful. Please send any funds to: The Elders, Shades Mountain church of Christ 959 Alford Avenue, Birmingham AL 35226. Thank you for your time, consideration and prayers in this matter. In Him, Mark McWhorter, 420 Chula Vista Mtn Rd, Pell City Al 35215.

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