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Vol. 1, No. 11 Page 4 November 1999

Gospel Gazette, Bible Articles

The Cockroach's Sweet Tooth

By David P. Everson

Among all the creatures that God has created, there are very few that bring about greater revulsion than the common cockroach. Yet, these creatures have been shown to have many unique features that only come about by a designer. One of these features is the ability of the roach to discriminate among its food sources.

It has been discovered, much to the dismay of the homeowner whose dwelling has been infested by these disease carrying insects, that the roach can tell the difference between types of foods, specifically sugars. The roach shows definite preference for fructose over glucose. The source of food used to attract the roach to bait has normally been glucose and some of the roaches have shown no interest in falling for it! Glucose is a type of sugar produced by plants which is then converted into other sugar molecules. The sugar fructose is found in plants also, but is stored in fruits. It would appear that God has created the roach with a unique ability concerning its sense of taste - the ability to discriminate between the types of sugar. That something as lowly as the roach has such an ability is most incredible if God is left out of the explanation.

The World That Then Was

By David P. Everson

In the Book of Genesis we are told of the creation of man, the sinful path that man followed and the destruction of man and the world by flood. This inspired biblical account of the destruction of all but eight souls is mocked and laughed at by so many in the world today. They want to know how we can believe something that has so little scientific evidence.

Well, as science continues to search out the earth's mysterious past, we find time and time again evidence that can be interpreted to give proof of a world-wide flood. This is again true of the discovery of a fossil forest of warm climate trees 500 miles north of the South Pole in which "the trees were buried by a flood or a mudflow" as reported in Discover, February 1993.

This forest lived in a world of uniform warmth at a place that is today totally unsuitable for plant growth. This helps to support the "Vapor Canopy Theory" indicated by the Bible and to give support to other conclusions about the pre-flood world. There are no frost rings found in these fossil trees, meaning they were very seldom exposed to temperatures below freezing.

The presence of these fossilized tropical trees in Antarctica that were buried in a flood give proof to the biblical account. Indeed there is much about that world we can never know for sure, because "The world that then was . . . perished" (2 Peter 3:6). But, we do not have to sit by and accept the criticism from so-called "learned men" when they pronounce that their interpretation of the earth is right and our interpretation as taken from the Bible is so much myth. The Bible is again right when it says, "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools" (Romans 1:22). Let us not forsake our belief in the Bible because of those who say we have no evidence!

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