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Vol. 1, No. 11 Page 1 November 1999

Gospel Gazette, Bible Articles

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Louis Rushmore, Editor
Allen Webster, Associate Editor

External Evidences by
David P. Everson
Youth Page by Mark McWhorter
Since You Asked by Louis Rushmore
Christian Web Art by Jay Launius

 Production Staff includes:
Bonnie Rushmore, office manager
Jay Launius, graphic artist
Rebecca Rushmore, proofreader

Inside This Issue
Editorial by Louis Rushmore
A Burning And Shining Light
Editorial by Allen Webster
When “Doing Good” Is Bad
External Evidences by David P. Everson
The Cockroach's Sweet Tooth
The World That Then Was
Theistic Evolution, Part 2 by Bert Thompson
What Did I Do? by Kevin Rhodes
Wake Up America! by Linda Hall
Youth Page by Mark McWhorter
Sonlight by Curtis Dowdy
Is Your Anchor Sure and Steadfast?
Is The Devil Real? by Eddie Cooper
Hunting Season by Paul Hoover
Compassion Is Love In Action by Judy Corns
JayBob's Web Art Page by Jay Launius
Sin-Screen by Brent Pollard
Five Lies Of The 20th Century by Dennis Gulledge
Three Objections Concerning the Sabbath
by Grady Scott
Questions & Answers by Louis Rushmore
Church Discipline & Spousal Relationship
Church Listings & Classifieds
Display Advertising, News & Upcoming Events
Questions & Answers by Louis Rushmore
Can Desertion Precede Adultery?
Questions & Answers by Louis Rushmore
Is Freewill Scriptural?

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