Gospel Gazette, Bible Articles

Vol. 1, No. 1 Page 2 January 1999

Gospel Gazette, Bible Articles


     The Gospel Gazette Online debuts with this issue.  Twice before the Gospel Gazette has appeared in paper formats for short durations in local works--a newsprint tabloid in eastern Pennsylvania and a booklet in eastern Ohio.  The Gospel Gazette Online appears now as a monthly internet publication.  The subscription is free and attainable by accessing the Gazette's address on the internet each month.  The Gospel Gazette Online, though, will carry paid advertising, inquiries into which are welcome.
     As you know, the internet is rapidly positioning itself as the dominant medium of worldwide communication.  Happily, many congregations and individual brethren recognize the potential therein and have already begun to use the internet as an instrument of religious instruction.  One of the most durable forms of communicating the Gospel is through the written word.  Using the internet is another outlet for the written word and at the same time it permits the blending of visual and audio complements.
    The editorial staff of the Gospel Gazette Online consists of brother Paul Hoover, Allen Webster and myself, assisted by others who volunteer their time and talents.  Brother Hoover is a graduate of West Virginia School of Preaching, Editor of the religious journal Upon the Rock and he preaches for the Lord's church in Springfield, Ohio.  Brother Webster is a graduate of Memphis School of Preaching, a prolific writer and preaches for the church in Jacksonville, Alabama.  It was my good fortune to graduate of Memphis School of Preaching and now to serve as an instructor at West Virginia School of Preaching.  Each of us have a keen interest in the written word, whereas Paul's articles appear in various Gospel magazines and in the paper he edits.  Allen's articles are found in the three publications produced by the congregation with which he labors and in numerous brotherhood journals.  Over the years, I have written hundreds of articles (many of which appear on the internet already) and write and publish reproducible Bible class books for adults.
     Together we will endeavor to ensure a strictly biblical view in each of the religious articles that appear in the Gazette.  We prefer to opt for being theologically biblical rather than assigning to ourselves the appellations of liberal or conservative.  We commit ourselves through the pages of the Gazette to pursue a biblical balance that also encompasses preaching the “whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27).  While we will not shirk self-imposed responsibilities to address church problems when necessary, the thrust of the journal will always be to gently but thoroughly teach God's Word.
     Some editors of Gospel magazines in whom we have confidence and directors of schools of preaching, etc. in whom we have equal confidence have graciously supplied several of the articles in this first issue.  We hope that they and others will participate in the future, too.  The pages of the Gazette are open to new and published writers, young and mature authors, brothers and sisters in Christ.
     We expect to carry timely and edifying religious articles, church news and advertising, all of which we will attempt to screen with biblical principles.  While we suspect that the vast number of contributors of articles, news and advertising will originate in the United States, articles, news and advertising from brethren worldwide are solicited.  An internet publication such as this has the potential to serve a global readership of literally billions of people.
     The three editors of the Gazette do not hesitate to identify ourselves with the churches of Christ, for which Jesus died to establish, over which he rules from heaven and about which one can read in the Bible.  We enter this endeavor, not lightly, but prayerfully, only hoping in some small way to be useful tools in the hands of God through our feeble efforts.  If you discern the Gospel Gazette Online to be a worthy undertaking, please join your prayers with ours and tell others about this unique, internet journal.

~ Louis Rushmore, Editor

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