Welcome to:
Hillview Terrace Church of Christ

Building Exterior Auditorium

Fourth Street & Willard Avenue
Moundsville, West Virginia

10:40 AM and 6:30 PM

Bible Study:
Sunday, 9:45 AM
Wednesday, 7:00 PM

Gene West, Preacher

Hillview Terrace is a congregation of 250-300, ambitious for the Lord beyond its humble size. Ably led by its elders and feasting on the Word at the feet of its able preacher, the whole church supports in every way the West Virginia School of Preaching.

The Hillview Terrace Church of Christ unapologeticly, conscientiously and consistently pursues "sound doctrine" (Titus 1:9). The Hillview Terrace Church of Christ enjoys the moral and financial support of other faithful congregations throughout the region in its undertaking in the preparation of Gospel preachers. Hillview Terrace solicits the prayers of brethren everywhere regarding the noble endeavor to which it is committed.

Through its elders, preacher and director of the school, Hillview Terrace demands no less doctrinal purity and conformity from the school's faculty, staff and students. West Virginia School of Preaching is a work of the Hillview Terrace Church of Christ and under the direct, hands-on-oversight of its elders.

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