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Volume 24 Number 1 January 2022
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A Candlestick and Two Olive Trees

Mark McWhorter

Mark McWhorterIn Zechariah 4, Zechariah saw a golden candlestick. It had a bowl on the top of it. There were seven lamps and seven pipes. The Hebrew wording gives some indication that instead of seven pipes there may have been seven times seven. These pipes brought lots of oil to the lamps. Therefore, there must be a source of that oil.

There were two olive trees, one on each side of the golden candlestick. These trees had branches emptying into the pipes. There was a never-ending source of oil from these trees. We are told that the two trees were the anointed ones standing by the Lord. This may mean they are Joshua, the High Priest, and Zerubbabel, the King [Governor]. However, it must be understood that they represent two aspects of the Messiah. He is Priest and King.

From Him comes the Word of God. The power for the Christian and for the church is not from human power or might. The power and might is the Gospel (Romans 1:16-17). Salvation can only come from God. It can only come by being in the church that Jesus established. Under Zerubbabel the physical Temple was completed. Under Christ the spiritual Temple was built and completed. Under Joshua, the High Priest, the physical Temple was completed. Under Christ the church was completed.

This vision gives a picture of Christ and the church. Study your Bible. Learn about Jesus and His church. If any of this is hard to understand, ask an adult to help you.

You Preach First!

Cecil May, Jr.

Cecil May, Jr.The first sermon preached each Sunday is not by the pulpit preacher but by you. You preach a message about the importance of the Scriptures when you bring your Bible. You preach a message of good cheer when you say “Good Morning!” to those you meet when you park your car and when you are in the hallway and classroom. You preach a message of hope and joy when you sing enthusiastically during the song service. You preach a message about the power of prayer when you fervently enter into our time of prayer together. You preach a message of respect when you listen attentively while the preacher is speaking. You preach a message of love when you smile, say “Hello” and introduce yourself to visitors. You preach a message of faith when you give your offering.

Many messages are preached before the preacher stands up to bring his message. If your message is positive and consistent, then the message from the pulpit will be much better received. Come each Sunday prepared to preach your sermon.

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