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Vol. 16 No. 12 December 2014
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For a few issues of Gospel Gazette Online, we are honoring some of the longtime writers of our Internet journal by highlighting the articles of one of our dear Christian writers. This month, we commend to you brother Robert Johnson from Longview, Texas.

Robert was born and reared in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. While in college at Oklahoma Christian, he met and married the former Karen Janeway. Two children have blessed this union: Andrea and Phillip. They also have four grandchildren: Emily, Cadon, Jaxon and Rylon.

Robert received his BA degree from Oklahoma Christian in 1976 in Bible and Biblical Languages. He also received a Master’s Degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1991 in Reformation History.

Robert has preached for congregations in Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. He currently preaches for the Longview Church of Christ in Longview, Texas (in his 12th year of work there).

Robert writes for various brotherhood publications, including being a monthly contributor to the Gospel Gazette Online, an Internet magazine. He also contributed monthly to a series of articles published in the Daily Oklahoman, an Oklahoma City newspaper. Robert also speaks at various lectureships and meetings. His greatest joy, however, is in the local work of Gospel preaching and teaching.

[Editor’s Note: Brother Robert Johnson and I have never met other than through his excellent biblical lessons. (Incidentally, I do know and have met two other brothers in Christ who wear the moniker “Robert Johnson.”) ┬áThis brother Johnson is a useful tool in the hands of God, and we are fortunate that he sees fit to bless us with Bible lessons and encouragement arising out of his study of the Bible and his experience over many years as a preacher and teacher of the Gospel. ~ Louis Rushmore]

The December 2014 issue of Gospel Gazette Online is ready for your use. With this edition, Gospel Gazette Online concludes 16 years of uninterrupted, monthly publication. Besides new articles each month, thousands of articles may be located in the Archive. We look forward to beginning year 17 of GGO in January 2015.

In This Issue

Page 2: But Cain Worshipped God! Louis Rushmore, Editorial
Page 2: The Stewardship of the Soul Rodney Nulph, Editorial
Page 3: A Choice to Make Robert Johnson
Page 3: Cargo Faith Robert Johnson
Page 4: Christianity and Hate Speech Robert Johnson
Page 4: Church Updgrade? Robert Johnson
Page 5: Be Positive about the Church! Robert Johnson
Page 5: I'm Pressing On Robert Johnson
Page 6: Christmas: From God or Man? Sunny David, Guest Editorial
Page 6: Be Your Best Robert Johnson
Page 7: It Is All Going Up in Smoke! Marilyn LaStrape
Page 7: Inviting Disaster through Your Door Julene Nulph
Page 8: Who Really Wants to Go to Heaven? Robert Johnson
Page 8: What's Your Religion? Robert Johnson
Page 9: Feed Your Character Robert Johnson
Page 9: Give Me a Discerning Heart Robert Johnson
Page 10: Dings Robert Johnson
Page 10: Foreigners and Strangers Robert Johnson
Page 11: The Need for Mercy Robert Johnson
Page 11: The Word of God Stands Forever Robert Johnson
Page 12: Discerning Conformity from Transformation Robert Johnson
Page 12: The Door to Eternity Robert Johnson
Page 13: Ethics for Eternity Robert Johnson
Page 13: Forgiving and Forgiven Robert Johnson
Page 14: In the World, But Not of the World Bonnie Rushmore
Page 14: The Bible's Plea for Unity Rebecca Rushmore
Page 15: Islam: Is Jesus the Son of God? Robert Johnson
Page 15: Hills and Valleys Robert Johnson
Page 16: Q&A: Are Funerals Biblically Permissible? Louis Rushmore
Page 16: Q&A: Why Did the Sabbath Change? Louis Rushmore
Page 16: Q&A: Are All Good People Going to Heaven? Louis Rushmore

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