Gospel Gazette Online
Vol. 14 No. 8 August 2012
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In This Issue

Page 2: Male Leadership in the Home Louis Rushmore, Editorial
Page 3: The Common Salvation Rodney Nulph, Editorial
Page 3: When the Clouds Are Gone Jim Faughn
Page 4: The Promised Kingdom or Church Never Destroyed J.C. Choate
Page 5: Hindered Prayers Paul Clements
Page 5: A Different Point of View Robert Johnson
Page 6: After All Else Fails, What Remains? Mark N. Posey
Page 6: Peter's Eyes D. Dean Kelly
Page 7: Choosing to Remain Weak Marilyn LaStrape
Page 8: What Does It Mean to You? Tim Childs
Page 8: A Word Between Friends (audio) Tim Childs
Page 9: Praying with Power T. Pierce Brown
Page 10: If Sin Is the Problem, Repentance Is the Fix Chad Ezelle
Page 10: The Work of the Holy Spirit Ernest S. Underwood
Page 11: It Will Be Worth It All Dean Kelly
Page 11: Examine Your Attendance Royce Pendergrass
Page 12: The Righteousness of the Pharisees Thomas Baxley
Page 12: Are You Adopted? David A. Sargent
Page 13: An Old, Old Story Remains Relevant Today Byron Nichols, Special Guest Editorial
Page 14: We Are Under Attack -- All of Us! Louis Rushmore, Editorial Special
Page 15: No Longer Blush Bonnie Rushmore
Page 16: Q & A: You Do Err Not Knowing the Scriptures Louis Rushmore
Page 16: Q & A: Did Methuselah Die After the Universal Flood? Louis Rushmore

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